Dear Daughters, This Is Why I Work

Dear Sweet Daughters,

You may not quite understand why I work yet, but someday I have faith that you will. You’ve never really known a time when I stayed home. After experiencing the pure elation of bringing each of you into the world, three years apart, I went back to work when you were each six months of age. It’s always been this way for you. Although I was beyond blessed for the time I was able to be at home with you, I also knew it was the right time for all of us for me to go back to work. 

It was surreal when I walked out the door to go back to work for the first time with each of you. I will never forget the GIANT tugging at my heart and the tears that fell down my face, and your faces, each time. To say it was easy would be the biggest lie. Almost five years (and two years) later, it is still a daily struggle, and tears still sometimes fall. But, as hard as it may be, I am still proud to work… because I am working for me, for you, and for us as a family. 

There are many reasons why mommies work. These are mine: 

I work because I am blessed with a job that allows me the flexibility to always be your mom first. 

I work because I want you to be proud of me. As proud of me as I am of you. 

I work so I can contribute to you being able to attend wonderful schools, so you can be involved in whatever extracurricular activities that interest you and so we can attend fun events and travel together as a family.

I work so I can get those running, full-bodied bear hugs at the end of the day, paired with those sweet little smiles and kisses. 

I work so I can excel and succeed at using my God-given talents to make a difference. 

I work to show you that moms that love their children so deeply, can also work. 

I work because I feel like it makes me a better mom for you–I cherish every second of our time together.

I work because it motivates me to be the best at who I am and as a mother, wife, daughter, friend and person, even when I’m not the best. 

I work because I made a choice for myself, for our family. One day, you will have the same choice. And whether you choose to work or to stay-at-home, you will do what is best for you and your family, too. Whatever you choose, I will beam with pride knowing you made your choice based on how much you love your children, your family and yourself. 

In the meantime, I will continue to be thankful for your daddy, our wonderful village family and the invention of FaceTime during the times I can’t be with you. We will continue to meet in our dreams during the times I have to be away more than one night, and I will continue to always be with you, even when you can’t see me.

I love you more than anything,


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