5 Reasons Working While Pregnant is the Worst (But I Still Do It)

Being pregnant is pretty cool, but it’s not that great when you’re also working a 9-to-5. I’m currently 34 weeks along in my second pregnancy, and there are some things that suck when you’re pregnant.

1. You have to wear real clothes pants.

Let’s be real, maternity clothes are the worst. But, maternity dress pants are something from my pregnancy nightmares. They are seriously uncomfortable and they never fit correctly because no one carries maternity pants in-store anymore unless they are jeans or yoga pants. As much as I would love to rock some maternity yoga pants to work, my business professional dress code just won’t allow it. 

2. The puking.

I’ve had morning sickness with both of my pregnancies, but this time around it was much worse and always hit me when I was in the car driving to work, in the parking lot at work, or just plain at work. I’d like to take some time now to apologize to anyone who saw me puking my guts out in the parking lot before work. 

3. You’re the center of unwanted attention and conversations.

When you aren’t pregnant, you can ride the elevator with perfect strangers without having to talk about when your due date is, if you know “what it is” yet, or the fact that you “look like you could give birth at any minute.” I get it, pregnancy is pretty amazing, and weird, and people have questions. So, I’ll answer them now with as little sarcasm as possible, but I’m counting down the weeks until I can ride the elevator in perfect silence again.

4. You feel stupid.

Pregnancy brain, man. That second trimester was a breeze, I was soaring through my to-do list and I had the energy to keep up with all the tasks and assignments that my boss could throw at me. But, then, something happens to your brain when you hit the third trimester. It turns to mush. I have to write everything down at least twice to remember it, and I’ve still forgotten multiple deadlines and almost completely missed meetings. 

5. You’re sore, and tired, and uncomfortable.

Oh, and did I mention out of breath? Just walking from my car in the parking lot to the front door feels like I’ve just completed a marathon. Sitting at a computer all day while the tiny human you’re cooking is punching and kicking your insides is uncomfortable. No matter how many times you get up and walk around or re-adjust in your chair it just doesn’t get better. Also, I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to take a nap with my eyes open at my desk. If we could build adult nap times into the work day, I’m sure all of us – pregnant or not – would be much more productive.

So, yes, there’s lots to complain about when you’re pregnant, and somehow even more when you’re a working pregnant mom. But, I still do it. Even though being pregnant at work isn’t great, being pregnant is pretty cool. Plus, once you’re done being pregnant, you have a cute baby!


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