5 Beauty Products Busy Moms Can’t Live Without

busy mom beauty products

I have two boys under the age of five, which means gone are the days of hour-long baths and straightening my hair. Hello, two minute showers while praying no one is throwing Legos at the dog! Let’s face it, after you have kids the first thing to go other than your sanity is your beauty regimen. I used to spend a good hour getting all dolled up, now I’m lucky if I get five minutes. Below is a list of my favorite products that are quick, easy, and essential to my five minute beauty routine.

Dry Shampoo

After living in the humidity epicenter of the world (otherwise known as Houston, TX) for several years, my hair stylist at the time suggested using dry shampoo a couple times a week to help fight the humidity frizz. I was pretty skeptical at first as this seemed very “granola” to me. However, after I tried it for the first time, I was in love. Since then, my hair has grown a good 4 inches and I was curious how dry shampoo would work for longer hair. I am pleased to report that it works fabulously! There are several kinds of dry shampoo you can buy varying from aerosol to powder. Truthfully I love the powder formula because it adds both volume and texture to my hair. I’ve been using Caviar for the last 3 years. There are many great brands out there, and you can buy dry shampoo at Target, Sephora, or any salon or beauty supply store. Dry shampoo was a huge game changer for me especially when I grew my hair out – it literally saves me hours every week!

Self Tanners

I recently traveled to Phoenix for a wedding. I didn’t have time to get a spray tan so I opted to try a self tanner. After reading reviews on-line I opted for Rodan + Fields Foaming Sunless Tan to give me some color and get rid of my tank-top mom tan. There are two things that I love about this self tanner: the first is that it has a subtle citrus smell. The second is that it is  a foam which was easy to apply. I have tried spray on and lotion sunless tanners before and have had problems with streaking and getting a less than desirable “orangey” look. With the Rodan + Fields Foaming Sunless Tan, I had a hint of color that went on evenly and effortlessly.

Lip Exfoliators

I have a bad habit of drinking anything but water. I love my coffee, teas, and pops (yep, I’m from the Midwest, it’s pop). Because of my lack of water intake, I have dry skin and often dry lips. I’ve tried countless numbers of Chapsticks and lip-balms that only seem to worsen my lips. I recently discovered ELF Lip Exfoliator on a trip to Target. This lip exfoliator is not only cheap ($3.75 whaaaaat?) but it gets rid of the dry skin on your lips and then nourishes them. This is my go-to, take-everywhere lip balm. Helpful Hint: apply it before your lipstick or gloss as it will get rid of flaky skin leaving your lips smooth and buttery!

Skin Exfoliators

I’ve had approximately 5 facials in my life. While I adore being pampered, I neither have the time nor the funds to receive a facial on a regular basis. The Clarisonic Mia takes only a few minutes to use, and it leaves my face feeling soft and clean. I especially love using this in the winter when my skin is drier. It does a great job of eliminating the dead skin cells leaving my skin feeling rejuvenated.

Facial Cloths

Lately I’ve been trying to use fewer chemicals in my home and in my skincare. A friend of mine introduced me to Norwex products. My favorite Norwex skincare product is the body cloth. Although its intended to be used all over your body, I love using it primarily on my face. It’s made of tiny microfibers that really scrubs your face clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils or clogging it with chemicals. I use this cloth daily in the summer on my face and it keeps my face oil free and clean.

Although my beauty regimen has gone by the wayside after having kiddos, these products have helped me look and feel somewhat “normal” and have saved me a great deal of time.

What are your favorite products that keep you looking great without a huge time commitment?

busy mom beauty products

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