Mommy & Me Pedicures in Wichita

Every mama (I think?) loves a good pedicure, and getting some girl time with my little lady while getting one has become a fun bonding experience for us. We both feel relaxed and pampered, she feels important and like a big girl, and the staff at the salon we go to treat her like a princess. Of course it’s a special treat, but we have some sweet memories from our handful of pedicure dates!

Here is a list of some salons in town that offer a special experience for kids: 

Classy Nails & Spa (2413 N Greenwich) – This salon is fairly new and beautiful inside! The staff is all attentive and especially sweet to the little ones, who get to pick a snack and drink and their choice of one of the princess/character chairs around the salon. 

VIP Nails (550 N Rock Rd, Suite #16) – This salon has the cutest animal chairs for kids and is right across the street from Chick-fil-A… What more can your child ask for?! 

Tips & Toes (8340 E 21st St N, Suite # 800 or 2441 N Maize Rd, Suite #111) – The east location has child size chairs, and the west location is always happy to accommodate children!

Bellagio Nails & Spa (321 S Andover Rd, Suite #400) – Another newer salon located in Andover! They offer children’s manicures and pedicures for a discounted price with great reviews so far!

Fresh Spa Market (411 N Woodlawn) – If you’re looking for less of a typical nail salon experience and/or more natural products, this is a great option. They even offer parties for kids, with their most recent being unicorn themed!

Model Nails Salon (3242 N Rock Rd, Suite #116) – Another salon with adorable animal chairs – perfect for girls and boys!

Luxe Nails & Spa (7011 W Central Ave, Suite #206) – This salon has a whole row of Hello Kitty themed kid sized chairs, which would be fun for multiple siblings or even a birthday party

If you try – or have tried – one of these places, I’d love to hear your review! And if you haven’t ever tried a mommy and me pedicure, I encourage you to set aside a day and make a little date/special occasion out of it – This trip was to celebrate school starting and spend some time together on her last day of summer, and I think I’ll make it a yearly tradition. It’s so sweet to see how much it fills your child’s bucket to feel like a grown up, to get some one on one time with mom, and to be pampered. And hey, you get a (probably much needed and long overdue, if you’re like me) pedicure out of the deal too, so it’s a win win! 

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