6 Instagram Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

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#1 – Multiple User Accounts Easy Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

Instagram now offers multiple users! You can create as many personal or business accounts as you want, and easily flip back and forth between all of them! Setting up separate accounts with different security settings allows you to gain full use of all Instagram has to offer while controlling your privacy. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to benefit from it, though. Create an account for your dog, your wedding, your house remodel, your pregnancy – anything you want to document. If you’re the non-crafty type (like me) upload them to ChatBooks and have a cute book printed and shipped to your door!

#2 – ‘Places’ & ‘Tags’ for Scoping Out Local Hidden Gems

Bored with the same old restaurants? Looking for a bar with amazing drinks? Dying to break the kids out of your current park rut? There’s a tap for that. Use the magnifying glass to search, and then type in the name of your city. Tap on “Tags” to find popular hashtags, or tap on “Places” for a list of spots tagged by other local users. Automatically, you’ve got access to restaurants, attractions, food and more – all with real-life photos that let you see what each location has to offer!

5 Ways to Use Instagram #3 – Accountability for Health & Wellness Goals

Need a place to track your weight loss progress pics and keep them all in one place? Create a private account dedicated solely to those photos. Use it to follow others who are working toward similar goals, your favorite fitness brands, or personal trainers who post daily workout videos! Trying a new diet that feels a bit limiting? Maybe you or one of your children were recently diagnosed with a food allergy? Use hashtags associated with your particular food choices (#cleaneating, #Whole30, #Vegan, #Paleo, #GlutenFree) to find photos and recipes to inspire and motivate you!

Vacation Planning#4 – Vacation Planning & Travel Tips

My husband and I recently traveled to Kauai for our 10th anniversary, and I wanted an easy way to snap fun shots of our trip (to turn into a Chatbook!) without broadcasting the fact that our children were at grandma’s and our house was unoccupied. I created a private vacation account and used the search function to find popular Hawaii-related hashtags, allowing us to see what other travelers enjoy doing/seeing/eating/drinking while on the islands! Follow your hotel, popular restaurants, and attractions before your trip (just for fun!), and use their photos and videos (as well as the photos and videos of tourists) as you research and plan your itinerary. Tons of local tips are available (where to park at this restaurant, the secret trail to that hidden beach, where NOT to eat in the airport, etc.) just by searching.

#5 – Buying & Selling

Are you curious about buy and selling on Instagram? Virtually anything can be bought and sold via social media these days. Selling your house or car? Do you offer a product that offers amazing before and after results? Hoping to clear out your kids closets without a garage sale?  Create an account with photos and videos – and be sure to use popular marketing hashtags so customers can find you. Use a tool like Have2Have.It (as a link in your bio) so customers can easily contact you to make purchases – especially if you’re not just selling locally. Buyers, you can find what you’re looking for by using the search function for brand names (Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Rodan + Fields, etc.) or hashtags (#IGshopping, #ShopMyCloset, #ForSale).

#6 – Private Messaging

Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram offers private messaging. Create groups, talk to individuals, and even interact with brands and personalities (if they’re into that kind of thing). How is it better than texting? You can send photos and videos with the added benefit of Instagram’s editing tools!

5 Ways to use Instagram

Did we miss any? What ways do you use Instagram for more than just photo sharing?

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