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Glam Mother’s Day Event

What is the ‘Glam Mother’s Day’ event?
Jessica, with Hayloft Photography, and Avion, with Avion Photography, have teamed up to bring you an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience…

Start your day with us, being pampered by our Glam Squad of professional hair and makeup artists. Following that, you’ll dress in the attire that makes you feel most beautiful (we will have a selection of spectacular dresses to choose from, but recommend you bring any clothing and accessories that make you feel your best!).
The highlight of your day – you will have not one, but TWO photographers to capture every aspect of your stunning self! With quintessential studio lighting, styling assistance, and the perfect poses to show off your best features…you WILL feel amazing!
This event is for all of the incredible mothers (who need a day to feel appreciated for the significant role they play in our lives), as well as celebrating women in general!
If you’d like to add your daughter(s), best friend(s), or that special person to share this experience with you, we encourage you to do so.
We genuinely want to help women feel gorgeous and empowered – by capturing their natural essence in a timeless picture, but we also want to contribute to a great cause while hosting this event. 10% of the event will be donated to ICT SOS, Wichita. This is a foundation we feel is close to our hearts, and we sincerely hope to help other women in need.
For additional information, please visit: http://ictsos.org/
Date: April 21st & 22nd
Location: Hayloft Studio, 333 East English
Attendees: Mothers, Sisters, Best Friends, Daughters
(because this is an adult event, we kindly request attendees be a minimum of 13 years old)  

We look forward to experiencing this day with all of you incredible Mothers!! You deserve it!!

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Embracing The Van

Embracing The Minivan

I own a minivan. I still can’t believe sometimes that this is my new ride. I had sworn up and down that I wouldn’t be one of those moms. I had multiple conversations with my husband, friends and mother (who still loves and drives a minivan) about how I just couldn’t do it. I felt […]

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