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Wichita museum reciprocal memberships

How (& Where) to Use Your Wichita Museum & Zoo Memberships When You Travel

If there’s anything I love as much as our fair city it is traveling, especially with my kids. When we travel, near or far, the first thing I investigate is what zoos and museums we can visit. Perhaps my favorite perk of membership to our local zoos and museums is free or discounted reciprocal admission […]

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Vacation Rental: Jammie time on the deck!

Vacation Rentals 101

Ok, so we may be relatively new to the game, but in the last couple years we have vacationed utilizing the vacation rental home websites like VRBO.com or homeaway.com. And it has been AWESOME! We have gone to Hawaii, Colorado, and Massachusetts.  Each experience has had its downfalls, like any travel experience, but we truly […]

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Small Town Spotlight - Cheney

Small Town Spotlight :: Cheney, Kansas

Harvest, scorching heat waves, and the county fair – it’s summertime in Kansas. Cheney is home of the Sedgwick County Fair held each July.  It is also a town with no stoplights, but plenty of charm. Cheney offers entertainment, recreation, food, and a bit of tranquility for residents and visitors.  As you make plans to head out […]

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The Truth About Traveling With Small Children

I have a confession to make. Before I was a parent, I would see moms and dads traveling with little ones and I would silently judge them. I would see frazzled parents at the airport, lugging diaper bags and shoving Goldfish crackers into the mouths of screeching toddlers as they ran hurriedly toward their gate, […]

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summer travel food allergies

Families and Food Allergies :: Summer Travel Tips {Series}

Every 3 minutes, someone in the U.S. is admitted to the Emergency Department for an allergic reaction to food. Increased numbers of children are diagnosed every year, which means that you probably know at least one family with allergies – it may even be your own! Here at WMB, we have contributors in various stages […]

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Oklahoma Aquarium

Road Trip :: A Quick Getaway to the Oklahoma Aquarium

I don’t know if it was the spring weather or the fact that we haven’t gone anywhere in almost a year, but I was itching for a little getaway. I didn’t want anything too crazy, because let’s be honest, traveling with a toddler is not relaxing. I once heard someone say it perfectly…it’s just parenting in […]

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