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Maintaining My Sanity at Christmas

Saving My Sanity at Christmas

My kids look forward to Christmas all year long! They start asking in January how many days until Christmas. Actually, my husband and I can’t wait for Christmas either! I can’t get enough Christmas music, light-looking, Santa-visiting and memory making. As our schedules fill up with fun activities, sometimes the true meaning of the Christmas […]

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Burgers Smokehouse

3 Reasons A Pre-Made Turkey Will Make Holidays Easy As Pie!

Thank you to Burger’s Smokehouse for sponsoring this post and providing delicious, pre-cooked meals to make life easier for busy moms!The holiday season is here! A time for festive fun with family and friends – and that fun always includes food! Before kids, I loved hosting dinner parties. I wouldn’t bat an eye at making […]

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How to Stop Stress (and Find Joy!) in 3 Steps

Is stress eating you alive? Are you tired of always running ragged just so you can be everything you think you should be? STOP! Let me share a secret with you. I too was (am) just like you! I spent years working endless hours, volunteering for everything, cooking, cleaning, running here to there and everywhere […]

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Motherhood De-Grinched Me

When the Christmas decorations started popping up in the stores, I used to roll my eyes. Now, I get a gleam in them. When carols overtook my radio station, I would quickly change the channel. Now, I turn it up. I don’t care if you’re watching at the stoplight, I’ll keep singing right along. If the light is […]

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holiday stress

Tips from a Counselor : How to Manage the Holiday Stress

Disclosure : Thank you to Snappy Kids  for sponsoring this post and to Vanessa Whalen, LSCSW for sharing her expertise with our community of moms.  Okay, it’s happened. One of my Facebook friends posted a photo of the family Christmas tree that had been decked out… on HALLOWEEN! Frankly, I’ve barely caught my breath from the beginning of […]

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