Top 5 Summer Jobs for Teens and Pre-Teens

Finding a summer job may not be high on your teen/pre-teen’s list of priorities, but I bet having some extra spending money is! There are tons of summer jobs to meet the needs of just about every 11+ year old.  In addition to having some extra spending money, summer jobs offer “life experiences” like working with the public, being punctual, problem solving and money management. I’ve complied some of the best ones out there for your kids who fit into this category.

  1. Life Guard/ Swim Instructor! This is one of the BEST summer jobs a teen can have! Lifeguards are required to be at least 16 years old, be first-aid and CPR certified as well has completing the Lifeguard Training Coarse. In addition to Lifeguarding, being certified as a Swim Instructor can offer the water lover in your family the opportunity to teach little kids how to swim and be safe in water. Plus, who doesn’t love to get a tan in the summer! Pay for this job is one of the highest for this age group as well. Once all the certifications are completed, they can dive right into the best summer job out there!
  2. Lawn Mower! This job requires no specific training and can be done on a varying schedule. This type of pre-teen or teen can bring in some serious money. Make sure this child likes to do lawn work, does a good job and is safe. They can even grab a friend or two and make it a business. Have your child make nice looking flyers and/or business cards to hand out to neighbors. Even if they don’t get weekly jobs at first, this is something that can grow over several summers into something that can help them pay for their first car or even college expenses! 
  3. Babysitting! I bet most of us moms started out our “working” career babysitting as young girls. There isn’t any specific training required but I highly recommend your “babysitter” getting certified in CPR and First Aid. The American Red Cross also offers Babysitting classes which will look good to potential “clients” and give them some confidence. Babysitting pay varies based on age of sitter, number of kids and what time of day they work. The younger babysitter can even start by being a “mothers helper” where the mom is still at home while the sitter is with the kids. This is great for first time sitters, moms who work from home or to see if the sitter and children get along.
  4. Ultimate House Sitter! This teen or pre-teen can do it all! They can pet sit, water plants, house sit, bring in mail or just look in on things while their clients are out of town. These responsible kids can do just one of the listed jobs or them all! This job has flexible hours, has variable pay and is for those who want a job but not the same time every day. Although a driving teen is best for this job, they could start young with neighbors they can walk to or talk mom and dad into driving them. It’s a great way for those pet lovers to spend some time doing something they love!
  5. Teacher/Tutor! This job will most likely be just for the older teen in your family. This kid is great at school, music, dance or a sport. They can spend their summer doing what they love and helping those who either struggle in an area or just want a little extra help to keep up their skill! This job pays well and has flexible hours! 

Teens and pre-Teens are just like us adults. If they find a summer job they love, it won’t feel like work!

What was your favorite summer job?

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