Epic Toddler Meltdowns Explained

Hormones are powerful. Pregnancy hormones (especially when you’re shooting them up in addition to making them) are even more powerful. As much as I would trade them in, I do have to thank hormones for one thing: they showed me exactly what it feels like to be my toddler.

There I was, craving a very specific, and VERY overly rich milkshake. Cravings had finally beat out the massive guilt of putting all that sugar in my body and off we went. I ordered the most indulgent shake on the menu and proceeded to add another layer of excess (cookie dough) to it. I waited anxiously. My toddler sat not-so-patiently in the back seat. When our order came, it was wrong. A plain chocolate shake?

This would not do.

I sent it back.

At this point our toddler was nearing a melt down and my husband was more than a little frustrated. The next shake came out. We started pulling away almost as soon as it touched my hand. We were only minutes from home and car seat freedom for our little one.

As we turned onto the street I took my first slow sip – ready to savor the chocolate, peanut butter, fudge, brownies, and cookie dough (I warned you)…

What I got was… mint. MINT!

Immediately, a rage I was unfamiliar with started creeping up. I tattled to my husband. Obviously he would turn around and we would get this resolved!

He said NO.

toddler meltdowns That’s when it happened. The tears. Real, actual tears that I couldn’t stop from coming out. There I was, with a giant milkshake in both hands crying about not having a milkshake. I actually had a flash of THROWING the milkshake at the window.

I looked at my husband, who was laughing at me, sniffled and grumpily mumbled, “I think I understand what it feels like to be two.”

The emotions were so intense. I felt powerless. I wanted someone else to fix it for me. To be honest though, that’s not what I NEEDED. What I really needed was what any toddler mid-tantrum needs.

I needed empathy.

I needed to be reminded that these feelings were temporary. 

toddler-cryingI needed someone to help me see what I COULD do about it. 

I needed to experience natural consequences. (Although I am STILL a little bitter about this part)

And then, I needed to move on. 
So, thank you pregnancy hormones. Now I get it. I can empathize a little more when he looks at me like this. 

It should be noted: I didn’t drink either of those milkshakes. They were literally repulsive to me. My husband however drank them both – PLUS the one he ordered.

Those milkshakes taught us ALL a lesson that night.


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