How to Talk So Your Child Will Listen

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We don’t have to be told that our kids are unique. Of course they are. We live it and breathe it every day. However, instead of embracing these differences into our parenting styles, we are somehow culturally bound to make the child bend to our unique person instead of us bending to theirs.

What do I mean by this?

I spent years trying to get my second born to listen and obey the way my first born did with ease. Did my oldest son listen well because he was more compliant? More obedient? Actually, I naturally spoke in his specific personality channel, so he didn’t have to adapt at all to be successful. But my second born was completely the opposite. I got hung up researching and trying methods of parenting, but they all were still trying to get her to adapt to me.

Through the generations, we have picked up terminologies like “the strong-willed child” that make us somehow believe that we could end up with a child that is just unteachable or extremely difficult. But from the child’s perspective, they could have just landed, like my second born, in a foreign group of people who are not built to communicate naturally in their “language”.

Once I learned my daughter’s unique communication style and how to speak so she could hear me, a whole new world opened up for us both. I was no longer expecting her to adapt to me. I simply adjusted my communication to set her up for success.

For the first time, she could hear me and I could hear her.

That’s ultimately the goal, right? To have them succeed. To be heard. As our kids grow and mature, they too will learn the skills to meet others in their communication style and adapt for other’s success. But are they equipped to do that at 2? At 8? At 12?

I met Vinny Gerace of Wired Within ten years ago. He trained me to communicate successfully through all the stages of my kid’s development. Not only that, Wired Within’s training can help you understand the aspects of all your interpersonal relationships. Using internationally renowned assessments and decades of professional and interpersonal experience, Wired Within helps you have greater assurance and trust in your relationships, and shows you how to be more accepting of yourself and your internal needs.

Individual, family, and corporate consulting is available at Wired Within for women and men alike. Through the use of webinars, local seminars, and website memberships to video training libraries, you can gain a deeper and more personal look into what makes you uniquely you, and you can live a happier more content and fulfilling life.

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Parenting, work relationships and marriage can feel incredibly supportive or deeply hurtful. After going through consultations with Wired Within, you will be able to speak to others in ways that tap into their motivations and meet their psychological needs. Once you learn to treat yourself with elegant care, and develop compassion for others who are made differently, you will find more success with less stress in all parts of life.

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– Janice Fairbairn

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