One-on-One :: 5 Ideas for Spending Individual Time with Kids

Our girls are just 16 months apart in age, and it was a little hairy out of the gate. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, two girls so close in age, but it was a little more intense than I expected during those early years.  Now that they are 4 & 5 at moments it feel like we have twins, and I am loving this new stage. Our girls spend a lot of time together with grandparents, babysitters and at school.  Recently we have been more thoughtful about this individual time with our girls.  Here are 5 great ideas for how to spend more individual time with your kids.  

Breakfast Date

On Thursdays I pretend to be a stay-at-home-mom and hang out with my 4-year-old, while my 5-year-old is at kindergarten.  We do all sorts of fun things on our day together. However, this led to some envy by the 5 year old.  Now my husband gets up a little early for work and takes her on a date. They stop for breakfast or a donuts.  Frequently they leave the house early enough to stop by a park, or sit somewhere special together. 

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Store Run

Now that the girls are older, we take one with us when we need to go to the store or run an errand. Individually, the parenting is easy and I love the one-on-one time to chat and discuss whatever they want with no sister interruptions.  

Grandparent Fun

Making a special day with grandparents (for only one) has been fun for both sides. Our parents have enjoyed spending time with just one, taking them somewhere special or do an interesting project. 

Full Blown Date Night

Parent/Daughter Date Night has been more rewarding then I imagined. We get dressed up and Dad takes us on a date. One night we drove down to Delano had an appetizer, hopped on the Q-line (a free local trolley) that took us to pizza place, ate dinner and then rode the trolley back to a dessert place.  

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Home Project

One of the most accessible ways we spend one on one time is right in our home. Pulling one kid aside and playing a two person board game, build with magnet tiles or have fun with the marble rally.  

When they were little, life was so task-oriented.  I have found so much joy in the new phase of parenting.  Each of our girls have such a unique and interesting personality making this individual time a highlight of the week.  

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