No Bad Days

Photo Credit: Erin Bartel Photography

Photo Credit: Erin Bartel Photography

In our home, we have happy days, lazy days, challenging days, adventurous days, but we do not have “bad” days.

I do not subscribe to the concept of bad days. I will not spend my day waiting for something to pop up and taint everything until the sun goes down. I understand there will be bad moments, poor decisions, and learning experiences, but those do not constitute labeling the entire day as bad. Once you have declared a day as bad, how do you come back from that?

Most of my days are spent following a cracker-crumb trail, navigating a sea of building blocks, and wiping down a toddler, two dogs, and kitchen counter tops. It is not glamorous, and it is not always fun – but it is never bad.

For the most part, the frustrating moments are fleeting and unintentional. The dogs came in with muddy paws after mopping; the baby decides 4:30 a.m. is an appropriate time to wake up…you see where I am going. These trivial occurrences are not worthy of defining my day. Moreover, they may simply be learning opportunities for me. Don’t mop on rainy days; don’t let the baby nap past 3:00 p.m. If I focus on how I can do better, then I get control how that moment impacts my day.

Photo Credit: Erin Bartel Photography

Photo Credit: Erin Bartel Photography

Okay, so, sometimes, an action may be intentional and defiant. Address it and move on. Holding a grudge and dwelling on things comes too easily for me, so this concept takes serious effort on my part. My newest strategy is to ask myself, “Is this worth my energy?” My energy is a finite commodity these days and I must be very selective as to what I use it on. Most of the time it is not worth the expenditure.

I adore when my husband asks me, “What was great about your day?” instead of “How was your day?” The difference between the two questions is extraordinary; the option to say I had a bad/tough/hard day has been eliminated. To answer his question properly, my response must contain all the positive aspects to my day.  I love that this question generates an uplifting, engaging conversation each day.

Simply stated, we do not have bad days because I never want my family to think a day with them has been anything but wonderful.

Photo Credit: Erin Bartel Photography

Photo Credit: Erin Bartel Photography

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    Thank you for that outlook.

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