How to Bless a Single Mom

Being a mom comes with many joys and triumphs but also many challenges. This is one thing moms certainly have in common.

But single moms have unique challenges and needs. I don’t think many moms go into the whole parenthood thing thinking, “I’d love to do this alone!” I know I didn’t. But along the way, there have been some wonderful people who have blessed me tremendously.

How to Bless a Single Mom

So I’m here to offer practical ways that you can bless a single mom. I posed the question to a group of single moms, and the response was quick and overwhelming – this is a topic we single moms are bursting to share with the world!

So here are some practical tips on how to bless a single mom:

  • Encouragement – Acknowledgment that she is doing a good job is so so so wonderful. Oftentimes so much of the nitty gritty dirty mama stuff goes unnoticed. If you see a single mom and you think she is doing a good job, please tell her! It will make her day. Write a note and mail it to her, email her, text her, call her, hug her and tell her! Lots of (!!!) with this one because it is so uplifting to a single mom, I promise.
  • A Listening Ear – When you ask her how she is doing, stop and listen to her response, and be okay with her sometimes saying “not so good.” And when she does, she’s not necessarily wanting a solution, just a loving, listening How to Bless a Single Momear. Because this single mom thing is a hard, heartwrenching and lonely road. And let me just give you permission to respond, “that really sucks” because “I understand” isn’t always appropriate.
  • Babysitting – Offering to be there is great, but really mean it. And if you are in a trusted friendship with her, be specific {otherwise the open ended, “call anytime” is still an appreciated gesture}! Maybe something like, “We would love to get to know little man more, can he come to the softball game Tuesday night?” But please don’t be offended if that mama says “no, but thank you!” Maybe she doesn’t know you well enough yet to watch her little one(s), or maybe she doesn’t have that sort of a need.
  • Lending your Guy – There might be a single mom who needs some household or other tasks done that are usually handled by her husband. Whether it’s offering to hang curtain rods, fix a stroller {both of which have happened to me recently!} or other ideas such as taking an interest in her son/being a godly male role model (!!), fixing things around the house, taking care of yardwork in the summer/shoveling in the winter, computer help, etc. Plain and simple, things their husband would have done, and these families might be able to step up and fill in that gap.
  • Treat us like a normal family – Invite us over, accept our invites, let our kids play together, kiss your husband goodbye in front of us (as opposed to wondering if it was okay to do that), etc. Me and my son are a family. You and your husband plus kids are a family. You and your husband with no kids are a family. Please don’t ostrasize our family! Love us how we come.
  • Prayer – I personally believe in prayer. Pray for that single mom and her children if she asks {or even if she doesn’t}. Pray for the other parent that is not in their home {but probably still very much in their hearts}. Pray for comfort and peace, provision, love and joy and oodles of wisdom! Simply knowing that someone is praying for me brings me a lot of peace and makes me feel so cared for. Also, be willing to answer her call and give comfort when she needs it, right then and there. That kept me sane in the early days!
  • Special Days/Holidays – Whether a new single mom or going through certain seasons, most single moms will deal with different heartache. Maybe they miss their husband, whether he chose to leave or was taken, maybe they miss their child(ren) on visits, maybe they miss the dreams that are now no-more, etc. Being sensitive to this while around that single mom, and maybe calling to let her know she isn’t forgotton and she is loved, goes a long way.

What is some way you have blessed a single mom or were a single mom blessed by others?

How to Bless a Single Mom

And to so many who have blessed me on this rough journey, THANK YOU!

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2 Responses to How to Bless a Single Mom

  1. Eva June 3, 2015 at 5:56 pm #

    God bless you and your beautiful son!

    • Nicole June 4, 2015 at 3:38 pm #

      Thank you so much Eva!

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