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As a boy mom, my job is vital. I am helping shape the male population. I am raising future gentlemen.

Even though my boys are currently three and under, I already feel the weight on my shoulders to raise well-mannered, well-rounded, respectful, hardworking, independent men.

Our job as parents is to pass on the values we find important to our children. And the values my husband and I think are important for our boys come down to this:

The adult world doesn’t need more boys. We need men who will grow up, hold to their convictions, and follow their moral code. We need men with integrity and character. We need men who are strong leaders, yet are willing to follow. We need men who respect and value women.

The world needs more men.


A Man…Accepts and celebrates differences

A man knows that differences between people are good, enriching. A man knows it is essential to have character, to be honest, to treat others fairly. Regardless of gender, race, orientation, ability, or religion, all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

A Man…Knows it’s OK to cry

We all have times of hurt and pain and also times of happiness. It’s OK to let these emotions out. Whether tears of sadness or joy, it’s healthy to show feelings. A man talks, and feels, and cries.

A Man…Works hard

Honest hard work always trumps simply winning in my book. A man applies his strengths, acknowledges his weaknesses, and works hard for the greater good. A man recognizes the abilities in others and collaborates.

A Man…Follows the Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated. I wonder what the world would look like if we all would remember this. A man has empathy and thinks of others before he acts.


A Man…Speaks up

When a man sees something is not right? He says something. His buddies keep heckling the loaner? A man stands up.  His friend has too much to drink at the bar? He speaks up. A man knows that speaking up for what he thinks is right is always better than staying silent.

A Man…Knows ‘no means NO’

When a woman says no? She means it! If she is not able to say no, it still means NO. Anything besides, “yes,” is “no” and a man respects this.

A Man…Remembers to call his mother

Even though you may not think of your mom everyday as you are off growing up, she will. At least once a week take the time to call her, shoot her a text, and update her on what’s going on.

Because while you are out there living your life, she’s praying she raised you to be a man.

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One Response to Be A Man

  1. Leslie Wessel July 9, 2017 at 9:49 pm #

    Spot on, Anne, glad to call you a friend and fellow boy mom.

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