2016 Summer Movie Guide

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The kids are almost out of school, and then what will you do with them? Summers are always jam-packed but one of my favorite things is going to the movies. Every year there are blockbusters to be made and this year is no different. Here is a short list of family-friendly movies that are debuting this summer. Some are old friends with new adventures to be had and a lot of super heroes to save the day. Wichita and the surrounding area has a ton of places to visit the theater. Check your local listings and catch one today!

May 2016 Movie Releases

Captain America: Civil War (PG-13) Captain America and Iron Man have differing points of view on governmental oversight of the Avengers causing a rift between the two, and their friends must choose a side to support. Author’s Note: This is the newest installment in the Marvel Universe and follows up with the gang one year after the events in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Release Date :: 5.6.2016

The Angry Birds Movie (PG) A group of Angry Birds team up to investigate the Bad Piggies and find out their evil plan when they learn of their impending return. Based on the video games. Release Date :: 5.20.2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass (PG) Alice returns to Wonderland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter. Release Date :: 5.27.2016

X-Men: Apocalypse (PG-13) The immortal first mutant rises and wants to end humanity. Charles Xavier and a young team of X-Men must try to stop him. Release Date :: 5.19.2016

June 2016 Movie Releases

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (Expected MPAA Rating: PG-13) The turtles find many enemies and must fight an invasion of the Krang in New York City. They are joined by their pals April O’Neil and Casey Jones. Release Date :: 6.3.2016

Finding Dory (G) Dory sets off an adventure to find her family. Nemo and Marlin join her on her journey and along the way meet a lot of new friends in the sea. Release Date :: 6.17.2016

Independence Day: Resurgence (Expected MPAA Rating: PG-13) The human race is being threatened by the same aliens that were defeated 20 years ago. Author’s Note: There are a lot of stars reprising their roles from 20 years ago which should bring in viewers young and old. Release Date :: 6.24.2016

July 2016 Movie Releases

The BFG (Expected MPAA Rating: PG) A young girl befriends a friendly giant who is considered an outcast by the other giants. Based on the novel by Roald Dahl. Release Date :: 7.1.2016

The Secret Life of Pets (PG) Two pets must put their differences aside when a rabbit and his army of abandoned pets try to seek revenge on all happily-owned pets. Release Date :: 7.8.2016

Ice Age: Collision Course (Expected Rating: PG) Scrat goes to space in pursuit of his acorn. His antics set off a series of events that threaten Manny and the herd on Earth. Release Date :: 7.22.2016

Star Trek Beyond (Expected MPAA Rating: PG-13) The USS Enterprise crew has been stranded on a new planet after an attack from an unknown group of aliens. While trying to find a way off the planet they find themselves in conflict with a new enemy. Release Date :: 7.22.2016

August 2016 Movie Releases

Suicide Squad (Expected MPAA Rating: PG-13) A government agency recruits super-villains currently in prison to execute dangerous missions in exchange for their freedom. This movie is based on the DC Comics with the same name. Author’s Note: This movie looks pretty dark. Probably not one for the younger kids. Release Date :: 8.5.2016

Pete’s Dragon (PG) A woman meets a young orphan boy who says he lives with the dragon her father has always told her stories about. She sets out to determine who this boy is, where he comes from and the truth about the dragon. A remake of the 1977 Disney classic of the same name. Release Date :: 8.12.2016

This list is not all-inclusive and the release dates and MPAA rating may change. Also, not all movies are appropriate for all children. Please make sure to make your own decisions on what you feel is appropriate for your kiddos!



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