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Prioritizing :: Career vs. Family

Last year, I was routinely going through my photos, transferring them onto a disc for storage and began to realize how many pictures were from work functions versus my own little family. Fundraising events, summer camps, mingles – they nearly matched the number of pictures I had of my son and I won’t even tell […]

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Running On Mom Time

Since becoming a mom to my two little guys (a preschooler and 6-month-old), I seem to have a chronic tardiness problem. I mean we are late pretty much wherever we go. My husband mentioned something about it the other day. I stammered and tried to deny it, but I knew he was right. Ugh. Why […]

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The Non-Crafty Mom’s Guide to DIY Party-Planning :: Theme and Invitations

  The birth of my first child ushered in a slew of new hobbies/obsessions – including, but not limited to, photography, allergy-friendly baking, and party-planning. In those pre-Pinterest days, you could Google party ideas, search party-planning websites, and stalk blogs, but for the most part? You were on your own. To save money and to […]

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Mulvane Depot, Botanica, O.J. Watson Park, Panhandle Railroad Museum

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Wichita Attractions for the Transporatation Obsessed

Wichita is an awesome place to get your kids out to see all types of transportation.  We may be the Air Capital, but things are pretty great on land too.  The following are some top spots to see everyone’s favorite vehicles first hand. Exploration Place- Exploring Flight & Design:: This permanent exhibit is a treasure trove […]

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Vacation Rental: Jammie time on the deck!

Vacation Rentals 101

Ok, so we may be relatively new to the game, but in the last couple years we have vacationed utilizing the vacation rental home websites like or And it has been AWESOME! We have gone to Hawaii, Colorado, and Massachusetts.  Each experience has had its downfalls, like any travel experience, but we truly […]

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sallycavanaughphotography 5

Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) – Q&A

The first time I saw the ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) video of a child walking into their backyard and falling into the pool, my heart stopped. Then, with goosebumps and my jaw wide open, I kept watching. He instantly knew to roll over, float on his back and cry for help. I was amazed, beyond […]

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Photo credit: Erin Bartel Photography

The Power of a Positive Mama

No one is going to bring me breakfast in bed. I slept for maybe three hours last night. The baby is up and the husband is headed out the door. I breathe and tell myself it is going to be a good day. Spoiler alert: It was a great day.  As a mother, at any […]

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Quick Picnic Picks - Wichita Moms Blog

Quick Picnic Picks

There’s nothing quite like grabbing a quick assembly of picnic items and heading out for the evening, especially if you have nothing more than free play planned! This summer, we have had plenty of picnics at the water park. And during the spring and fall, we hang out at the neighborhood parks around town. Besides giving […]

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