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Dear Working Mama

Dear Working Mama, You have that look again. That somber look on your face as you pick up Little One at day care. You got wrapped up in that project and really wanted to finish so you wouldn’t bring work home tonight. You lost track of time at work. You were looking forward to playing […]

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A Look at the New Advanced Learning Library

The Central (or Downtown) branch of the Wichita Public Library system has long been a favorite of Wichita moms. They have a fantastic staff in the children’s area and Ms. Nina puts on one of the best storytimes in town. Just days ago, the brand new Advanced Learning Library – the new Central branch – […]

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July 2018 Events

Wichita Moms Guide to July 2018 Events

We are celebrating our independence with fireworks and splash pads. Wichita and the surrounding area is celebrating Independence Day all week long – check out the list here. Don’t forget about the VBS round-up, FREE things to do, and the Ultimate Summer Bucket List for more fun summer activities. For specific things to do this month, keep […]

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fireworks wichita independence day

4th of July in Wichita :: Fireworks, Parades & More

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays of the year. The barbecues, parades, elaborate fireworks – I just love it all. Are you ready for some red, white and blue? There are several celebrations and activities planned in and around Wichita. Browse through the list below and start marking your calendar for some holiday […]

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gifted kids

Keeping Older Gifted Kids Engaged

When my kids were little I told them their brains were like a super power and they had to practice their skills, just like the Incredibles, if they wanted to achieve superhero status one day. I cast myself as their Alfred. It was my job to protect them and give them chances to practice. Even […]

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4 Easy Fourth of July Treats

The Fourth of July is such a fun summer holiday. You get to spend time with friends and family and go to parades and watch fireworks! But there’s one thing that makes the day even better. I’m not talking about the sparklers…it’s the food! Outdoor parties are king on this holiday and there are a lot of easily […]

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self care self discipline

Real Self Care Isn’t A Luxury, It’s A Discipline (and It’s A Necessity)

Everyone talks about it, but who has time for the glammed-up versions of “self care” we see circulating on the internet? Real self care doesn’t always look like a glass of wine in a quiet, candle-lit bubble bath or yoga at sunrise overlooking the mountains or beach. Those things aren’t bad – but they’re also not […]

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My Baby Has A Hemangioma, Now What?

Thank you to the Plastic Surgery Center for sponsoring tis post and providing excellent medical care for Wichita children and fmailies!They may appear in the first days after birth. Often, they look like a diaper rash. As a new parent, any type of red spot on your baby’s newborn skin is cause for concern. Once […]

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healthy snacks

Healthy Summer Snacks

Summer is my time to break out of my cooking rut and try something new. My kids love trying new recipes too-especially ‘kid-friendly’ options. I love making them fun, festive food that is healthy too! Here are four healthy (and easy!) summer treats your kids will love! Strawberry Fruit Leather This is a healthy alternative […]

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Wichita Birthday Party Guide

Wichita Birthday Party Guide

We love a good celebration, which means we really love birthdays! Whether you like to host a party at home, make every detail Pinterest-perfect, or want someone else to handle it all (especially the entertainment and clean-up), we've got you covered in this year's Wichita Birthday Party Guide. Thank you to co-title sponsors Tanganyika Wildlife Park and [...]
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