Toddlers, Teens, and Everything In Between

I am privileged to belong to a special club of moms with select few members–the toddlers and teens  moms.  You see, we are the ones crazy enough to have kids ranging all the way from the toddler to teen stage (3 to 16 in my case).  To those other TNT moms, I salute you and I see you…

I see you rolling up in your 10-year-old Suburban that you may NEVER give up because of all. that. stuff. you have to haul, from pack-n-plays and pop-up-tents to baseball gear and seven camping chairs.

I see you taking your toddler to the bathroom three times during one baseball game and feeling endlessly frustrated that you missed the whole inning your older kid pitched.

I see you falling asleep at meet-the-teacher-night because, let’s face it, you’ve met all of the these teachers before and are actually on a texting-and-grabbing-Starbucks level with more than one of them (it was bound to happen after the third kid rolled through the same fourth grade classroom, right?).

I see you with your diaper bag at high school enrollment, digging out your wallet between Goldfish packages and desperately hoping your toddler can wait out this line until naptime.

I see you at the pool with the Thiry-One deluxe tote made for carrying entire villages crammed with PuddleJumpers, 3 different sizes of goggles, two types of sunscreen, snacks, allowance money for kids too cool to bring their own snacks, a hooded towel, three other towels, swim diapers, and extra clothes for everyone.

I see you strolling through the grocery store casually because YOU CAN FREAKING DO THAT when you have a 16 year old to leave in charge after the youngest kiddos’ bedtimes.

I see you feeling like you never give enough to any one kid, from hurrying through bedtime stories so that you can help another with math homework and then go pick another up from a late basketball practice.

I see you cheering one child on from the sidelines while cradling a sleeping child, giving both your attention and love.

I see you taking all the kids on trips, finding ways to make memories all together.

Most importantly . . . I see you loving all of your kids fiercely and killing it at this momming thing.  Now, go grab some wine!


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