What Your Toddler’s Party Really Needs Is More Booze

In this age of ultra-Pinterested parties there may still be one detail you’re overlooking. When your kid is in the six and under crowd, parents typically stay for the entirety of the birthday. With those parents (and yourself) in mind, there are several valid reasons to add adult beverages to the kid party menu.

Toddler Party Alcohol

Reason #1: Social Lubrication

As a parent, your friend group morphs over time to be more heavily populated by parents of other kids in the same age range. This is great because you never have to explain/apologize for a two year olds behavior (they’re in the same boat), but challenging in that you may not have much else in common. Nothing says “let’s make kinda awkward small talk in the beginning stages of our semi-forced friendship” like a cold beer.

Reason #2: Teachable Moments

It Demonstrates responsible social drinking around your children from a young age. Will your child remember the way you demurely drank a glass of white sangria and had a fantastic time at his third birthday party and then later never get black out drunk in college because you set such a great example? Maybe, maybe not. But you should probably have a cocktail at their party just in case.

Reason #3: Fun Names & Food Pairings

Toddler Party BoozeA nice, full bodied CabSav really brings out the complexity of flavors in a mini corn dog. Just kidding- those things are amazing all on their own! But, a cleverly named mixed drink or appropriate beer/wine can sure punch up the birthday theme menu for adults though. Pick your theme, head to the liquor store and see what you uncover. A great party is in the details, so don’t overlook your beverages. Bonus: the look on the clerks face when you ask for help making pairings for a two-year old’s farm party is priceless.

#4 – Keep Hostessing Skills Up-to-Date

 Once upon a time, we threw dinner parties. Someday we will again – but for now, I throw kid parties. Having an interesting cocktail or fun drink at a kids party lets you remember days past while you wait to throw adult fêtes again.

# 5 – Beer

Home brewers can commemorate an event with a specially crafted beer. Add a thoughtful name, little label and you have a unique way to recognize the passage of time. Even if the celebrant can’t partake.

Spirits at a child’s party – fantastic or faux pas?

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