Resolutions vs. Reality :: A Mom’s Guide To Navigating The Post NYE Fallout

Resolutions Vs. RealityOh, the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions. Does the simple utterance of that phrase bring anxiety to anyone else? Glad I’m not alone. It’s not the idea behind wanting to better yourself that does it for me. I am all about striving to be your best self and exploring what it means to “do better”. No, the premise is great; it’s the idea of “resolving.” Like, taking an oath or a pledge or something. It’s too black and white. Too line drawn in the sand. Too rigid. No, for me, and maybe some of you, resolutions in their truest form– do this or fail — mean there is no room for one of life’s biggest blessings, GRACE. Maybe it comes along with this whole momming gig, but y’all without the ability to fail, I am sunk. Completely. My “resolutions” would last all of as long as it took for life with two littles to get chaotic. See also: how long is one minute…

Case in point: 

Resolution: I am totally going to get up and work out three mornings a week before the kids wake up. This will start my day off on the right foot and everything will run smoothly. Happy Mama, happy kids. 

Reality: Up once in the night with the baby, once more with the toddler to “potty MAMA”… (sigh) maybe tomorrow. These midnight walks down the hall are workout enough and who am I kidding? That 5am alarm is the last thing I want to hear. 

Resolution: Speaking of working out. I will only wear yoga pants while actually at the gym. I have a closet full of clothes to wear and I will feel better if I put more effort into getting dressed. Put-together mama, here I come. 

Reality: One week in and I am riiiiight back into the Lycra leg hug. I mean, chasing preschoolers is just about as aerobic as anything I’d be doing at the gym, right? Furthermore, put-together mama is a myth. Lycra for life!

Resolution: Weekly date-nights will be scheduled. What a great way to connect with my partner. Yes! A baby sitter will be hired. Yay! We will have so much fun exploring the city! 

Reality: “Where would you like to go?” “I dunno….you?” “We could go fillintheblank again?” “Want to just use the babysitter to take a nap instead?” “DONE”. Because, #momlife

Resolution: Our toddler will sleep in his own bed. He is a big enough boy. He’s just going to have to figure this out. Operation Sleep in Your Own Bed, here we come!

Reality: Who am I kidding? There’s a reason we own a king bed. He won’t be doing this when he’s in Kindergarten, right? I mean, he’s only two…

Resolution: I will meal plan. Yes, I can do this. There are apps! And pretty much all grocery stores have curb-side pick up. I will be organized and we will eat freshly prepared, balanced meals 5 days a week. 

Reality: Three days in… “Welcome to Chick-Fil-A how may I help you?”

Resolution: I will only drink wine on weekends. Yes! Tea instead of wine. This will be good. It will help me sleep better and not to mention the savings on calories. 

Reality: Wait?! Did I just hear a cork pop? Wednesday is close enough *grabs wine glass*. 

So, solidarity with all Resolution-Revolting mamas. Who needs a list to tell you if you are doing well or not? I say peace out rigid restrictions, and hello imperfection. Or, maybe I will just resolve to not resolve.

That counts, right? 




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