A Parents’ Guide to Kid Party Etiquette


A Parent's Guide to Kid Party Etiquette | Wichita Moms BlogAt Wichita Moms Blog we love parties: planning them, throwing them, and celebrating our kids as they hit special milestones. As a parent your social life is in for a new dimension: Kid Party Guest. Here are six simple tips that will make you the perfect party guest and secure your invites to future soirées!


Whether the invite says RSVP (literally asking you to “please reply” in French) or Regrets Only, do your host this simple courtesy. This number will be taken into consideration for everything from favors and food to cake; wouldn’t it be the pits if you missed out on cake because you failed to RSVP? Also, if it isn’t clear if parents are expected to stay for the duration of the party, now is the time to ask.

Consider Buying A Non-Toy Gift

Most parents will agree the avalanche of presents can get to be a bit much. This is especially true around birthday or holiday time. If you can think outside the toy aisle you may just procure a gift that is loved by the child and parents alike. There are lots of fun, inexpensive gift options that aren’t necessarily toys.

  • art/craft supplies
  • books
  • puzzles
  • board games
  • gift certificates: trampoline park, mini golf, bowling, movies

Attach the Card Well

Every party has a misplaced card and gift. Give it an inch of scotch tape. Tie it to the bag handle. It’s something simple, but it could prevent a scavenger hunt.

party family

Offer to Play Photographer

Has it ever happened that you look back on a special day and you realize you don’t have a picture of the whole family? Or that mom (it’s always mom) isn’t in a single photo? An A+ party guest will snap a few pictures and text them right to the host. Capture some of the fun and games, present opening, or cake cutting. Bonus points if you get a group shot!

Connect with Other Parents

Kids’ parties are the perfect time to connect with other parents. You can get to know the moms you see at school beyond the drop-off/pick-up fly by. If you don’t know another parent at the party, a simple “How do you know the [birthday boy/girl]?” is a perfectly acceptable conversation starter. Go ahead, step out of your comfort zone. Parties are supposed to be fun!

Pitch In

No host will expect you to do heavy lifting during the party, but if you see trash, toss it. Help pass plates. Put straws in juice boxes. These little acts of kindness will be much appreciated and keep the mayhem to a minimum.

As party host, what gestures do you appreciate from your party guests to add to this list?


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