Newcomer’s Guide to Wichita: Ten Things You Need to Know

You’re moving to Wichita. Now what? Here are ten practical and essential things you need to know about Wichita. Newcomers, welcome!

Tornado Alley

At noon on every clear-skied Monday the tornado sirens run for a full minute. Do not take cover; this is only a test. For information about preparing your family for imminent inclement weather check this out.

East vs. West

There is a mostly unspoken, mostly good-natured East Wichita versus West Wichita rivalry. There will come a time when you’ll need to choose sides, too. I don’t mean to sway you, but there’s the best side and then there’s the West side. To each their own! 

Explore Neighborhoods

One common thing I hear from new transplants is that everyone said they had to move to Andover or Maize. Don’t get me wrong, Andover and Maize are nice, but don’t forget there are so many awesome neighborhoods to live in and explore. No matter where you’re coming from or what you’re looking for I hope you find a piece of the Wichita metro that is just right for you. Try Riverside, College Hill, Delano, No-Mar, Sleepy Hollow, and Crown Heights, or if the ‘burbs are your thing, don’t forget Augusta, Belle Plaine, Cheney, Bel Aire, Park City, Newton, and Derby.

If you don’t like the weather, wait fifteen minutes and it will be different.

You’ll likely never get to fully switch your closets over from winter to summer. In the last year we’ve seen freezing temperatures and triple digits in the same 10-day forecast. Be ready for anything, sartorially speaking. 


Wichita is fortunate to get all four seasons, but it comes at a price. Wichita is in the top ten worst places for spring allergy sufferers and the worst for fall allergies. Stock upon tissues and OTC meds now. 

“To the stars…”

Kansas is literally flatter than a pancake which has the benefit of giving us a great big sky. And in that expansive sky? Some of the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets in the world. 

Learning Curve

There’s a lot to get acquainted with in a new town – leverage Wichita Moms Blog. Whether you’re looking for a dentist,a coffee shop or anything in between, use WMB for their useful guides. Story times, farmer’s markets, food trucks, OB/GYNs, donuts, pumpkin patches, birthday parties or even where to go on that ever elusive date night.  You name it, our contributors have a recommendation for you! Don’t see something you want to know? Join one of our neighborhood groups and ask!

Road Rage

Wichitans are bad drivers. It feels like a betrayal to even admit that. Please accept a preemptive apology and the following excuses: complacency because we spend hordes of time in the car, overconfidence because we drive in all conditions, and, finally, we’re so nice in person we have to be jerks behind the wheel. Sorry.

The Arkansas River

You can call the state to our southeast whatever you’d like, but that river cutting through downtown is pronounced “r-Kansas.” If you’ve ever wondered why the states are spelled the same, but pronounced differently, blame linguistics

There’s No Place Like Home

You probably learned this as soon as you began telling friends and family that you were moving to Wichita, Kansas. There is a general perception that Wichita is stuck in the 1800’s, we ride our horses to school, and Dorothy lives next door. The jokes never end, even after you’re a local. But with time I hope you’ll uncover the Wichita of the twenty-teens: the urban oasis of the plains, a capital of creativity and innovation, proud of our history, but moving boldly into the next chapter for our city.

Welcome to Ta-Town!


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  1. Shayna January 29, 2017 at 1:07 pm #

    You forgot to mention Goddard 🙂

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