I Need a Vacation and Refuse to Feel Guilty About It

Have you heard the quote, “Create a life you don’t need a vacation from?”

I hate it.

I see it float around social media made into a cute meme, and it drives me crazy. Most days, I really love my life. And every day I’m thankful for the people in it, the lessons learned and experiences had, and the overall course it’s taken. This doesn’t mean there aren’t days I could absolutely use a break from the constant questions of my nearly 3 year old, the demands of owning a small business, and the neediness of my nursing 7 month old. And I don’t think I should feel guilt over that! The mom guilt has got to stop.

I don’t even think an actual vacation is necessary (although I’ll always take a trip to the beach!) but some days just an hour or two of alone time can do the trick. Maybe it’s a trip to the gym with my girls in childcare, maybe they fall asleep in the car so I drive around listening to a podcast and drinking an iced coffee, or maybe it’s the more rare date night or even weekend getaway – regardless, I’m a better wife, a more patient mom, and a happier person when I have some time to recharge.

I think the amount of judgement toward parents, and moms in particular, has reached an all-time high.

Maybe it’s because we expose so much of our lives through social media. Maybe it’s because people can hide behind a keyboard while passing judgement, or maybe it’s because memes like the one with the quote I mentioned above are shared and instantly induce guilt and insecurity (or is that just me?). I’ve decided it’s OK if I need a break from this life I’ve created every one in awhile, and I refuse to feel guilt about it.

In this season of life, I often end the day wanting no one to touch, talk to, or need me. Maybe there are moms out there who are better people than me and never require time to themselves, and I’ll be judged for my need of an escape – but I’m done worrying about that. What’s important is what works for me as a wife, mom, business owner, and person in general – and what works for me is a brief time away from the little people and life of mine that I love so much. 


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