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“What do you do?” You may answer this very simple inquiry with your current occupation, hobbies, interests, or even opinion. But when it comes down to it, you are a mom.

There are not enough hours in the day to detail every aspect of all that we do. Differences cast aside, we are all moms; we do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes for our children to grow, prosper, and know an unconditional love. Whatever it takes to raise strong sons and daughters who are confident, eager, and curious.

You do whatever it takes to be a good mom, however you may define it. 

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You diligently track every wet diaper, calculate ounces, and count hours between feedings.

You are fluent in Apgar scores, percentiles, and dosages.

You make a to-do list knowing you will never complete all the tasks. 

You wonder how your mom did this every single day without skipping a beat. (Thanks, Mom!)

You find your voice because you have a great purpose. 

You are way too hard on yourself, filling your head with uncertainty and guilt. (Note to self: Give yourself more credit.)

You deal with fluctuating hormones, postpartum depression, and loss of bladder control.

You hire a babysitter and overpay them just so you can feel comfortable leaving for a few (much needed) hours away.

You plan meals that no one will eat. 

You have no idea what you are doing and feel like you learn everything the hard way. 

You buy a book to help your children sleep, but are too tired to ever read it. 

You schedule play dates, sex, and girls’ night outs months in advance.

You constantly think five steps ahead, yet always feel a few behind.

You push hard to be a better parent, adjusting techniques and trying new approaches.

You stretch. You grow. You cannot stop.

You seek out ways to hack your #momlife and be more efficient. (Hello, online grocery ordering!

You pray. 

And you drink wine. Sometimes you drink wine at 4:00 p.m.

You Google and you Google and you Google some more.

You work so very hard even though no one notices, but one day your kids will know. 

You step back to foster independence. You step in because you love fiercely. You step up because they are your baby.

You love hard.

You survive. You thrive.

You are a mom. You do whatever it takes.

 So, what do you do?

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