Where Did My Little Girl Go?

The other day, I was driving my 14 year old daughter somewhere and it hit me…where did my little girl go?

She was sitting next to me in the passenger seat looking at her phone while singing lyrics to the song that was playing. I began to think back to when she was a baby. The first time I realized that I was going to have a GIRL! After having two boys, I was in denial. However, I quickly went from denial to a full-out shopping maniac. I loved going to the girl section and picking out way too many clothes with ruffles, bows and flowers. I loved introducing her to her brothers and giving them the gifts their baby sister “picked out for them.”

I remember her sweet personality and calming presence that she brought to our family.How she quickly learned  to keep up with her two older brothers. How she was just as happy playing with Thomas the Tank Engine as she was playing with dolls.How she loved to play in the sand box and get completely dirty with her brothers. 

I remembered that when she got into school, she developed a soft, girlie side to her. She loved to wear dresses and twirl in skirts. She loved to try on my shoes and watch me put on makeup. She loved clothes with glitter and rhinestones. 

As I glanced back at my daughter, who is a young lady now, I got a bit choked up. A lump formed in my throat.

My husband and I are so blessed to have this teenage daughter in our family. She has grown to be a smart, kind, funny, open minded, spiritual young lady that amazes us every day with her talent and undying love for those around her. She sticks up for the kid at school who is picked on. She loves hanging with her friends at church. She helps around the house without complaining much. She gets excellent grades at school and is good at every activity and sport she tries.

So, why did I have this lump in my throat? 

I realized this lump wasn’t because of sadness or wishing time would slow down. This lump represented pride.

I am so proud of the young lady that Megan has become. She has dealt with some tough things and has come out the other side wiser, stronger and more confident. She has worked hard at school and sports. She isn’t afraid to try new things or welcome the new kid at school into her social circle. She shares things with her dad and I that I don’t always expect her to. She loves her brothers and younger sister and finds ways to have special things with each of them.

Her dad and I would love to take all the credit for this amazing 14 year old girl, but we know full well that kids turn out like they want to. 

Do I still wish she was that skirt twirling little girl? Yes, at times. But to see the young lady she has grown into only makes me proud and excited to see what they next 14 years has in store for her!


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