Hey Kids, We’re Going on an Adventure!

It’s a random weekday and we have no plans. “What are we doing today?” my son asks. We, my boy, are going on an adventure!

As I buckle the kids in the backseat and start driving, I feel a sense of relief, happiness really, as we soon are only surrounded by blue sky and wide open fields. I didn’t really appreciate the calming effect of wide open spaces until moving to Kansas. Growing up in the Chicago area, wide open spaces to me was just a cool Dixie Chicks song.

But now with a change of scenery, I instantly feel the daily stresses melt away. These adventures are not only memorable moments, but they are good for my soul. They are usually all I need to recharge and reconnect with my kids, knowing that time with them is flying by.

Adventure days are also a favorite for my kids. My son will even ask for them! It doesn’t have to be anything major, just a change of pace with an element of the unknown. Some of the best parts of these adventures are the people we meet. My goal in exposing my kids to different situations and different people, is to opens their young minds to all of the possibilities out there.

If you’re looking for something different, here are some of the adventures we’ve tried:

  • Check out a small town. We had a blast in Mulvane, checking out the town park and having lunch at the local Laurie’s Kitchen. The owner of the restaurant engaged with my children, leaving quite an impression that they always want to go back.
  • Go on a hunt to find a sunflower field. For being the sunflower state, it’s not that easy to find a real sunflower field. We loaded up and with loose guidance from a friend drove between Sedgwick and Sumner counties. The fun was not knowing where we were or what we were going to find.
  • Breakfast at the berry farm. Elderslie Farm is hands down our favorite summer spot. We go early in the morning before it’s too crowded, intentionally drive through the country to get there, hang out with the goats and enjoy a little break from reality.
  • Hike one of the area lakes or nature centers. We enjoyed Santa Fe Lake in Augusta. There was a good walking path with a lot to see for the kids. Cheney and
    El Dorado are also on our list.
  • Walking tour of downtown Wichita. My kids had a blast checking out all of the sculptures on Douglas. Next on our list is a tour of all the new paintings in the Douglas Design District. And one day we will jump on the trolley!
  • Fruit picking- apples, peaches, strawberries, blackberries. There are so many options when the Kansas weather cooperates. Finding a you-pick-patch almost always means leaving town and driving into the country. Take the scenic route, pack a picnic, hang out and ask the owners questions about their life. {Check out our WMB Guide to Berry Picking and WMB Guide to Apple and Peach Picking }

What kind of adventures do you like to take? 

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