Why Football is the Best Sport for Moms

After reading that title, I’m sure some Moms are saying….”What?! Football is the LAST sport for moms.” I hear you. I totally understand, and up until I met my husband more than 18 years ago, I was right there with you!  Not only is football a male-dominated sport, but moms cringe thinking about their child’s safety when playing. 

But I invite you all to think about this sport in another way. The MOM Way! Or even, the WIFE Way! Let me explain…

Eighteen years ago when I met my husband, I quickly learned that his weekends off meant one thing: watching football!  He would spend most of his Saturdays and Sundays watching college and professional football. Do you know what I liked to do on weekends? NOT. WATCH. FOOTBALL! However, I finally decided to put my stubborn mind into football instead of against it. 

Here is why.

I knew if I wanted to see him, I had to share my time with his love of football. If I didn’t at least try to love this sport, it would quickly become something that would drive us apart. I also knew that I would learn a lot about him as a person while he was watching this sport. You can learn a lot about someone’s drive, competitiveness, self-control and various other things when they truly love something. 

I knew that my husband started playing football when he was 5 years old. He grew up in the south where football is its own religion. He played this sport very well for a very long time, but he decided not to purse it in college because he wanted to go to medical school. He was concerned about his hands getting broken (again) and that might not get him to his ultimate goal of being a doctor.

Because of his vast knowledge as a football player, he was able to teach me “inside” things that some people don’t know. I got to see how patient he was with me when I was learning the plays, the team divisions, how the draft worked and various details that I’m still learning today. I got to see his eyes light up when I called a play right (before the snap).  I got to see the joy, love and pride in watching his favorite team, the New Orleans Saints, win the Super Bowl. 

Throughout the 18+ years of our marriage, football has been a HUGE part of it. Neither of our boys played the sport, but our kids grew up watching football right with us. It became a family bonding time. When the kids were little, we would dress them in Saints jersey’s and cheerleading outfits. We would make our Sunday night dinners “football food.” Our kids would play on the floor while we watched the games and when we cheered, they did too… even if they had no idea why they were cheering! We had years of football parties and often took the kids to restaurants to watch games…all decked out in Saints attire. When the boys got to be middle-schoolers, they participated in Fantasy Football with us. This brought on a new level of fun watching those games.

When our oldest entered high school, he started playing in the marching band. Do you know when the marching band performs?! Half time of the football game! Yay! We had a reason to go to high school football games, even though our children didn’t play the sport. We were so excited! LIVE FOOTBALL! We have spent many Friday nights cheering on our kids’ high school team, and I love knowing that this sport has brought us so much family time. 

Now, we go to the KU football games and watch our oldest play in the KU Marching Band. Even if the football team isn’t great, football means so much more than what numbers are on the score board. For us, football means family, fun, food and memories. And I seriously doubt you can find anyone who doesn’t love a good tailgate! 

So, before you hear those glorious words, “Are you ready for some football?!”… see if you can make this “non-mom sport” your family’s sport. Because football isn’t just a sport….it’s an opportunity for family memories!

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