BODYARMOR: Healthy Hydration for the Whole Family

Thank you to BODYARMOR for partnering with Wichita Moms Blog for this post and allowing us to try this product. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


My kids are high school athletes. And because hydration isn’t likely at the forefront of their daily thinking, I often worry about their liquid intake. Especially when it’s warm outside, you know, like when it is 90° in September? Seriously, autumn, where are you? And when they say they are drinking a lot of water, I worry about their electrolyte balance. And when they say they are drinking sports drinks, I worry about their sugar intake. Yeah, I worry a lot. They call it “nagging”…ahh, teenagers.

But I want them to be able to play their best, and in order to do that, they need to take care of their bodies. This is something I think teens take for granted. A lot of their healthy choices are guided by what I buy and have available for them at home. If I buy a bunch of junk food, they eat it. If I buy berries and apples, they eat it. If I buy fried chicken, they eat it. You see where I’m going with this – my choices affect their healthy choices. As parents, we need to take this “power” seriously.

bodyarmorWhen I was asked to try BODYARMOR, an all natural sports drink option, I was elated. The package of product arrived, and my teen athletes were excited to see firsthand what the hype was about. We received six bottles and a variety of flavors. The kids split them up and rationed them over three days. Umm, yeah. Once again, Mom is left out – I didn’t get to try one, which is probably fair, since the most exercising I’m doing these days is walking to and from the football stands. They decided to drink them after afternoon football practices, one per day. Each day I asked for a critique, their opinion, their thoughts:

  • Their favorite flavor was the strawberry banana. If you like strawberries and bananas, that combo is always a winner, isn’t it? And, if you don’t, there are a lot of flavor choices: fruit punch, lemon lime, mixed berry – just to name a few.
  • The drinks are better if they are chilled. Of course, kids! If you’re hot and sweaty, any drink is going to be better when cold!
  • They’re refreshing and not heavy. So I had to ask them to elaborate, because what teen says “refreshing” and “heavy” in normal conversation?
  • These BODYARMOR drinks don’t taste sugary; they’re not too sweet; but they don’t taste watered down. Maybe that’s due to the coconut water that BODYARMOR uses? Or because BODYARMOR uses only natural flavors and sweeteners? Some of those other sports drink companies put artificial sweeteners (such as sucralose and acesulfame potassium) in their “healthy” sports drinks; those are not found in BODYARMOR.
  • They tasted pretty good, no aftertaste. Honestly, as a parent, I give them a healthy sports drink that I know has natural sweeteners, electrolytes, and vitamins – and they say it’s yummy. Ok, a total win for this mom!

Both kids liked them, and so I headed out to purchase more, hoping this choice would not break our bank! The BODYARMOR website says their healthy sports drinks are available at area QTs, Presto Cs, and the SuperTarget. I went to Target, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of flavors, available by the bottle (not a pack of one flavor) for just $1.49 per bottle. My kids were elated when I brought out a couple of chilled bottles at practice.

Honestly, if you have kids, you ought to give BODYARMOR a try. Healthy choices for our kids are totally worth it!

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