Teething Trouble :: Bleeding Gums


For some babies it’s a real battle.

Drooling, chewing, ear pulling and irritability – all common traits associated with teething. Traits that can last days, weeks, even months.

Bleeding gums

What I didn’t know was that occasionally when a tooth cuts through it can cause bleeding.

You can imagine my panic when I got the report that my son was eating lunch and his gums were bleeding.


I pondered that thought for a while, bleeding?! My daughter had an abnormal teething experience when he first tooth was molar, but she never bled with any teeth, not one.

After being the worried mom one too many times, I know what Google can do to our minds. I didn’t want to find an array of possible things this could be, so I called our doctor’s nurse.

She was very helpful. Apparently, bleeding can happen when teeth are cutting through, especially if he was eating and that the tooth might have cut through a little earlier than it was ready; if he bit down on the spoon or something. It was so reassuring to hear this.

The nurse informed me gums are tender and sometimes those pointy teeth can cause bleeding, however they are a very self-healing tissue and not to be overly concerned with a little blood. Here are a few pointers that might be helpful if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Call your doctor if:

  1. The bleeding doesn’t stop within 30 minutes.
  2. The gums continue to bleed on frequently.
  3. Your child refuses to eat for several feedings in a row.
  4. You notice irregularities in behavior or temperament.
  5. Other concerning symptoms develop.

bleeding gums

Teething can be hard on baby and mom. Do you best to soothe your little one and don’t let a little blood scare you. Here are some of our favorite teething remedies:

Teething Tablets – I highly suggest Humphrey’s, but I’ve heard Hyland’s are good too!

Cold Washcloth/Dishtowel – My son finds it very soothing to gum and suck on a cold, wet washcloth.

Ice Cubes – If you’re looking for something really cold, we occasionally put ice cubes in a mesh food pouch.

Frozen Bananas or Waffles – A tasty option for relief and comfort.

What teething remedies have worked for you?

bleeding gums

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