Find the Board Game Geek in your Relationship

I must admit we are a little less adventurous on our date nights nowadays. We go out for afternoon or evening dates and are home by 9pm. This time together is used to plan logistics, strategize against the kids, and spend quality time together. Not being much for the hangover drinking these days, a board game can make a routine date into a unique expression of quality time.

Here are 5 reasons we love to play a board game on date night:

Competition and Flirting: Date night table gaming gives me the opportunity to compete against a worthy (and attractive!) opponent. Secret, saucy side bets and a flirty disposition make our board gaming date night special and exclusive, and I love it – especially when I’m winning.

Something Different: When we have time together we can get caught in the same patterns and routines.  A game together makes each occasion unique. It helps us get out of the typical conversation routines of our day to day life. In this season of life a familiar board game becomes a reminder of how nice it is to slow down and play a game. 

Eat, Drink, and Play Games: No need to miss out on a great meal and drinks. We like to enjoy one of our favorite board game friendly restaurants, eat our favorite dish, and have drink. We might plan to play a quick 30 minute game with an appetizer, or have dinner and play a more time or space consuming game.

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Limited Risk of A Hangover: Board gaming rarely ends with a hangover. Only in rare occasions is this a risk, usually in the holiday season during a marathon broad gaming session, when family fun makes the drinks go down a little too easily. Yes, my family is guilty of table gaming up to 6-8 hours straight…”avid board gamers” might be an understatement.

So Many to Choose From: There are so many great 2 player games that we love to play. Not to mention all the fun in a small deck of cards which easily fits in my purse and offers a variety of 2 person fun. Sunday afternoon dates are great for a longer more complicated games that might require more space.

As our relationship has progressed board games and beers on date nights has replaced late night partying, bowling leagues or darts. In our busy life where we can easily get lost in our phones scrolling through an endless amount of information, for us a board game captures that time and dedicates the emotional and mental energy to our relationship. Leaving a bar after having a beer and playing a game is a refreshing feeling…give it a try!

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4 Responses to Find the Board Game Geek in your Relationship

  1. Audrey January 7, 2017 at 5:53 pm #

    What are some of your favorite games?! I would love to add new one to our collection.

  2. Megan bayer
    Megan bayer January 9, 2017 at 6:52 am #

    Some of our favorite non-mainstream games are Seven Wonders, Dominion, Stoneage, and San Juan. For Christmas we got Code Name which is a fun group game. Also got Tokiado which has been fun it’s balanced and has great artwork! Happy table gaming!

  3. Clint January 9, 2017 at 9:45 am #

    You mentioned board game friendly restaurants. Which ones are your favorite?

  4. Megan Bayer
    Megan Bayer January 9, 2017 at 2:29 pm #

    We try to be thoughtful about what else might be going on in the area. Downtown might not be great before a weekday concert. But over all in no particular order, Vagabon, Monarch, Public, and Fieldhouse. Also think Dempsy’s would be good during the afternoon. Don’t forget Hero Complex (Serious gamers…but no beers)

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