Special Needs Transportation and the Kansas Truck Mobility Rodeo

“I can’t concentrate in flats.”  -Victoria Beckham

Mum’s the word when we talk about money right? Well, when you are a “mum” of a child with special needs, that doesn’t quite apply. The price of everything from equipment to specialized food skyrockets so any tips, tricks, networking, and exploitation of my husband’s handyman skills became fair game. I did everything from fundraising to haggling with insurance and providers—I even switched my college major (from Fashion—salute to Victoria Beckham) so I could learn to dissect legal materials to help me better advocate for our daughter’s services and care.

But try concentrating when you discover that a customized and very expensive wheelchair doesn’t fit into a sedan without performing surgery on the wheelchair in the parking lot in the rain, snow, or Kansas heat! Suddenly, my own mobility was directly impacted by our daughter’s. I’ll be honest, when we began shopping for a modified vehicle, I just about died from the idea of being a mini-van mum and then was hit again with sticker shock!  Channeling my inner Vicky B, I was not about to be deterred from my lifestyle by these obstacles.

Fortunately, we were able to work with the amazing people at Kansas Truck Mobility to find a vehicle that was perfect for us. The experience and service we received when we bought Mia’s wheelchair van with lift, along with the features we needed for the rest of our family, more than exceeded our expectations, and yet, was stylish and affordable.  

This year, Kansas Truck Mobility will host an event you won’t want to miss if you are in the market for a modified vehicle. The Mobility Rodeo will tackle the popular topic of financial aid. Andrea Vrobel, NOVA (National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility) will give a keynote address at 11:30 on Friday, Sept. 8, to discuss various funding sources, including her foundation which helped a local customer to purchase a used wheelchair accessible van last year. Out of 26 exhibitors this year, six are funding sources, including the new Kansas ABLE Savings program. Click here for more information and check out their Facebook page for event updates and more detailed information on each exhibitor. Dust off your boots (preferably with heels) and join us at the very posh Kansas Truck Mobility!

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