The BEST Gift for the Holidays: Laundry!

We would like to thank In The Bag Cleaners for sponsoring this post and giving back to our community with their incredible services and programs.

Are you searching for the perfect holiday gift? Some of our WMB contributors were lucky enough to try In The Bag’s Wash & Fold Laundry Service and can tell you THIS is the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Whether it is for you, your mom, your sister, your best friend or child’s teacher, the convenience of having laundry done will have them praising you until the next holiday season.

So what exactly is this Wash & Fold Service?

It’s super simple. In The Bag provides you with a laundry bag that holds 30 – 40 pounds. You can put everything in it that you would wash, dry and fold. And we mean EVERYTHING. Drop it off at the nearest In the Bag location and your laundry will be washed, folded, and ready for pick-up by 6pm the next day (they even fold your underwear and match your socks!). Dreft detergent is used for all baby products and they use their own branded detergent that works great to remove stains, yet is gentle on your clothes. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, ask for the free and clear detergent, which is available by request. 

How much does it cost?

With the VIP program it’s less than $1 per pound, and if you think of your time, cost of products, electricity and water to run the washer and dryer, it’s really not much more than what you’re currently spending. You will feel spoiled by not only the service itself, but the price that makes it feel like a steal!

Why use a laundry service when I already have a washer & dryer?

We all loved our experiences, but our favorite part was the TIME WE GOT BACK. Motherhood is crazy busy and household chores pile up so quickly. Using In the Bag’s laundry service gave us back an average of 4 hours per week! Time spent with our with our kiddos versus doing the laundry is the greatest gift. We all know our littles grow up way too fast and this allowed us to enjoy the season doing the things we wanted to do, not chores. Grab some gift certificates at any location for yourself or someone on your list – you will never look at laundry the same!  

What are Wichita moms saying about
In the Bag’s Wash & Fold Laundry Service?



As I watch the hampers in the house fill to the brim, I typically feel guilty about not starting to tackle it – but I don’t feel guilty enough to override my. With this service I was able to smile and worry about more important things as I watched my mountain of laundry grow. Instead of stopping every hour to move laundry along, we left the house and went out for family fun. I didn’t have to sort out colors. I didn’t have to listen to our machine bounce around as it washed. I didn’t have to re-fluff the same load three times because distractions kept me emptying it before wrinkles set in. And, most importantly, I didn’t have to flip all those tiny socks right side out and try to find their matches! 


ginny-itbMy favorite thing about the service is the neat, uniform folding. Our drawers have never looked better! Between hosting a bridal shower, bachelorette party weekend, Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas, my sister’s wedding, and all the Christmas parties and December family traditions I was thrilled to take laundry off my to do list for a month. Life-saver is an understatement. Without In the Bag my family would probably be nudists by now- some of us more reluctantly than others.


My favorite part of the service is how easy it is to put my laundry away. My socks are magically matched and the clothes come back folded perfectly. I’m the queen of living out of a “clean” clothes laundry basket, so putting clothes away is a huge positive step for me!

I love that I’ve been able to spend more time with my son at the park. The laundry chores often made me feel that we needed to be home to keep up and switch loads, but now I don’t feel guilty leaving the house to enjoy time together.


What I liked best about the service was 1) obviously the fact I didn’t have to do laundry but 2) the service was great at the Derby location and the ease of use was wonderful. With the time saved I’ve been able to just be more relaxed during this holiday season.

It’s amazing how much time and energy is spent doing these tasks. And of course, those are the things your family just takes for granted.


I absolutely love the convenience (the closest location is literally a 2 minute drive from our house) and the awesome customer service we’ve received. And of course I’ve loved having a break from laundry with a newborn and sick toddler.

What a great gift this would make for expectant moms or families who are moving – anyone who needs a bit of stress relief!


marty-itbI can’t say enough about In the Bag Cleaners Laundry Service, but to sum it up in three words: They. Match. Socks! We have a new baby and toddler and I find more value in taking their laundry to the cleaners than attempting to wash, dry AND fold all of those tiny little clothes. It basically feels like Christmas every time I pick up their laundry. My husband just asked me what I wanted for Christmas…to which I replied, “Gift certificates for more laundry service honey!” Since In the Bag is doing part of mom’s chores, I have been able to sing, dance and do more hands on crafts with the kids this holiday season. I have less stress (because the kids now have clean underwear) and am able to sit and enjoy my time “off” watching holiday movies and spending time with my family.


 What I loved best about the service is the freshness, precision, and attention to detail that I rarely get to experience in my domestic domain. (Who has time to fold everything so perfectly?!?!?) I also love that while we are in the midst of this busy holiday season, my husband chose this exact time to remodel our laundry room! The time we don’t spend doing laundry, he spends building cabinets, and I get to shop for appliances and while our laundry room is under construction. Thankfully, we still have clean clothes without having to run to the laundromat!



Happy holidays from WMB and In The Bag!
We hope you enjoy it by letting the professionals do your laundry!  


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