The World According to My Nine-Year-Old

I love the mind of a child. They look at things so earnestly and simply.

I recently sat down with my 9-year-old daughter and asked her a string of random questions. No prompting or rehearsing. I wanted her candid responses.

This was a fun activity that I’d encourage you to do with your kids! Record it on your phone so they feel like it’s “on the record.” (The only thing missing from this post is her sweet little voice). 

[For sake of the reader, excessive “ums” and “likes” have been removed]

What do people use the Internet for?

They use it to go to games or search stuff they’re not sure about.

Do you know what Google is?

Yes, it’s where you can go look up stuff online.

What did people do before Google?

They asked their moms. 

(Fair enough!)

Why do grown-ups work?

So they can make money for their family.

What kinds of things do grown-ups pay for?

Well for their families, food. And maybe if they’re sick, doctors appointments, medicine and stuff. And if you’re going on a trip, maybe sunscreen.

(Can you tell that sunscreen is an essential part of our vacations?)

Who’s our current president?

Donald Trump

What do people think about him?

Some people like him, some people don’t, some people are in the middle.

(True, very true.)

What do you know about other countries?

I know that the United States doesn’t get along with other countries. Like North Korea, we don’t get along with them because they threatened to bomb us.

(She doesn’t know about the recent hug out between the North and South Korea leaders)

How much does a jug of milk costs?


(Gosh, I don’t even know… I think she’s pretty on point?)

What are some things girls are really good at?

Girls are good at not making drama. Because at my school, when the boys play soccer at recess, they’re very dramatic. They get into fights almost every day about soccer. People talk about it in class.

(Probably the first time I’ve heard that boys are more dramatic than girls…hmmm.)

Anything else that girls are good at?

Girls are good at listening.

Oh, and being better than boys. They are also good at crafts, being adventurous and finding stuff. And flying planes, like Amelia Earhart. She’s one of my favorites.

(I was expecting a little bit of a gender zinger. I’m okay with that. #GirlPower)

So name some things boys are good at?

Being dramatic.

(She’s not backing down here.)

They can be good at some sports…kind of. They can be good at running, but some girls are too.

(Sorry boys, you don’t impress her much.)

What do grown-ups get stressed about?

They get stressed when they’re running late or they can’t do something because they’re waiting on something or someone. They also get stressed if someone is overreacting or someone’s being mean.

(Basically, everything that stresses me out, in a nutshell.)

Do you know what a celebrity is?

Like a singer or a movie actor?

Yep, can you name any?

Chris Pratt

Katy Perry

Taylor Swift

(She’s been obsessed with Chris Pratt ever since she saw Jurassic World.)

Where do celebrities live?

They can live in really fancy houses or regular non-fancy houses.

(Celebrities… they’re just like US!)

Have you ever heard of the Kardashians?

I feel like I can recognize the name, but I can’t remember.

It’s good that you don’t know who they are, let’s keep it that way.


If you were a grown-up and you were speeding down the street and a police officer pulled you over, what would you say?

I don’t know why I would be speeding. I wouldn’t do that. People shouldn’t speed or drive while they’re texting or after they’ve been drinking. And I probably will never get drunk, because I’m not that kinda person. I know myself.

(Preach, sister! We’ve had several “PSA” discussions about not driving with grown-ups if she thinks they’ve had too much to drink. Message heard!)

So when you’re a grown-up, you have to work for someone, unless you own your own business, which makes you an employee. What do you think makes a good employee?

People who are nice to customers. Like if you work at a restaurant, you shouldn’t be like “Oh there’s your table right over there, here are your menus.” Good employees are people who aren’t lazy and aren’t like, “Here you go, take your menus to your own table.”

(Customer service goes a long way with her!)

If you were a grown-up and owned your own business, what kind of business would you own?

A vet clinic. I’d help every single animal in the world. Like snakes, spiders, bears, mouse and mice.

(If you have an injured spider, this vet clinic is for you.)

What do you think about makeup?

I don’t really like it because everyone is beautiful. You don’t need it.

So you don’t think women need to wear as much makeup as they wear?

I mean it’s fine if you just put on a little for going somewhere nice, or for a dance recital or something that’s fancy. It’s fine if you put a little bit of lipstick on, some blush and a tiny bit of eyeshadow.

(Love this.)

What makes a person healthy?

Not having their daily diet be sugar, sugar, sugar. And brushing your teeth.

(I’m pretty healthy by these standards.)

Do you know what confident means?

Yes, proud.

What makes a person confident?

They don’t care about what other people say or what other people think.

When you think about the future, what do you want most?

No littering. And for everyone to be nice and not in fights with other states or the USA.

(World peace and clean streets, got it.)


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