O School Year, Where Art Thou?

Oh School Year, Where Art Thou? | Wichita Moms BlogDear Summer,

You alluring thing, you. We wait for you, wish for you, long for you ALL school year – and then you arrive in all your sun-filled glory. For a few blissful weeks we soak you up. We relish the idea of sleeping in, we delight in packing away the dreaded lunch boxes (SEE YA next fall, suckers!), we happily throw our schedules out the window and take solace in the laziness of pool days, fresh fruit, garden veggies and jammies until noon. For a few weeks, Summer, we really do adore you.

And then it happens.

Somewhere along the way you become too much of a good thing. Somewhere along the way we discover that it is freaking HOT! So hot that just getting everyone in the car & buckled up causes sweat to pour. We start to curse your sun-filledness. Before long, we also realize that “sleeping in” is only a dream because even though the kids are staying up later and later (again, thank you, sunshine) they still wake up at the same time they always have. In case you are wondering, Summer…that’s approximately 6:08 AM around our house. Six. Oh. Eight. Summer, seriously?

But you know, it’s okay because after a few weeks we do what we said we wouldn’t and over-schedule our lives making early-morning rising a necessity anyway. Playdates, camps, swimming lessons, vacations, you name it, we pack them in. Relaxation? What’s that? The lunches are once again being packed, but it’s HOT, so going to the grocery store is about as enjoyable as walking over scorching coals (which, ironically is what it feels like to step outside most days). Our normally healthfully stocked cabinets now resemble something of a college pantry–except, the frozen pizzas are replaced with nuggets and the beer with juice boxes. You know, just the essentials.

Eat it and enjoy it, child.

Phrases such as “Mom, I’m booooored…” and a recent favorite at our house “I’M TELLING ON YYYYYYOOOOOUUUUUU!” are heard on a regular basis. Oh Summer, what happened to you? We begin to look at you in a different light. Your flaws begin to shine brightly in flashing neon lights. We decide that you aren’t as wonderful as we had hoped and we do the unthinkable–we begin to wait for, wish for and long for (gulp) the start of school.

I know, I know! But Summer, we really did give it our all. Moms from coast to coast tried to embrace you and your glaring heat – we really did. We gardened, we splash-padded, we ice-cream-cone-on-a hot-dayed & long evening walked our booties off.

I’m sorry, but we are over you.

Please don’t take it personally. Does saying “It’s not you…it’s us” help? No? Sorry. Don’t worry too much, though…our love affair with the school year is short-lived and before long we will be knocking at your door begging you to once again show your bright and shiny face.



Hot, Sweaty & Tired of Hearing “Is it snack time yet?? I’m HUNGRY” Mamas Everywhere

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