My 3-Minute House Cleaning Trick {Plus 50% OFF Coupon Code}

Thank you to Cleaning Buddy for sponsoring this post and providing easy, quality house-cleaning services for Wichita families!

Have you ever cleaned your house in under three minutes? Not the “unexpected guests drill” shoving things in closets, squirting toilet bowl cleaner in the john, and doing a quick spit shine on the counter. A real, whole house cleaning that left your home ready for a white glove inspection? That’s precisely what I did when trying out Cleaning Buddy for the first time. 

My time investment was just three minutes, but the background checked and insured professionals who came to my home spent two hours cleaning, affording me extra hours to spend with my family, catch up on work, and focus on something other than the growing list of home chores I’d neglected.

Using Cleaning Buddy couldn’t be simpler or more convenient. You’re just three minutes (and four steps) away from scheduling your own home cleaning!

  1. Download the Cleaning Buddy App. Their app is available for iPhone and Android users. It was the first result for me when I searched in the App Store. Log in with your phone number and email address or Facebook account, then input your address.
  2. Customize your clean. You can schedule a whole house clean or easily customize to your needs. Just the bathrooms? Only your main floor? Give the kitchen some attention? You can select and tailor your cleaning to suit. And, next time, if your request changes you can simply adjust the rooms.
  3. Pick your date and time. You can select from five different arrival windows seven days a week. There will be a time that works for everyone’s schedule.
  4. Pay & complete. You’ll pay for your services directly through the app via credit card, Apple Pay, or Android Pay. The system is straightforward and ensures money changes hands securely and conveniently. You’ll receive an email with the assigned provider.

This entire transaction from app search to completion took just three minutes! And then, two days later, right on time, my service provider came to my home. After a brief walk through she and her team got to work. My entire family was thrilled with the results. For future Cleaning Buddy visits I can easily set a preferred provider, modify the rooms/services requested, and use the in-app messaging system to communicate with Cleaning Buddy Support or my provider.

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This on-demand service is changing the game. The app takes anything potentially uncomfortable or time consuming out of hiring cleaning services for your home. Whether you’re interested in arranging regular home cleanings or are interested in occasional cleanings, Cleaning Buddy is the only three-minute cleaning trick Wichita Moms need – right in their pocket.  

Steven Werner was born and raised in a small ranching community in Kemmerer, Wyoming. In 2008, Steven enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. While serving in the Marine Corps Steven did a combat tour in the Southern Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Steven rose through the ranks quickly in the Marines Corps ending his active duty as a Sergeant (E-5). Steven received numerous awards and Recognition for his service before his Honorable discharge in January 2013. 
Steven moved back to Wyoming shorty after leaving the Marine Corps and was hired by Crank Companies Incorporated as a Structural Project Manager/Engineering Tech. While at Crank Companies Steven managed numerous structural engineering firms as well as structural contracting companies for FMC in Green River Wyoming. Steven was directly responsible for the entire plants structural engineering repairs and several large capital projects. Steven’s capital expenditure and responsibility totaled $1.2 Million before he moved to Wichita in the beginning of 2015.
While living in Wichita, Steven decided to utilize his GI Bill and pursue obtaining a degree in Entrepreneurship at Wichita State University. While attending class, Steven created Lawn Buddy. Lawn Buddy was entered into the Shocker New Venture Competition as an unvalidated concept. Steven and his wife Sonya built out the business model and created a team. Lawn Buddy came in second in the competition and has went on to win several other competitions and awards, and now Cleaning Buddy, a sister venture, joins their plans for future growth.

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