3 Thanksgiving Table Looks

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s the food, the family… and for me, nostalgic memories of charismatic tables spreads. A little personal touch gives an already festive day that extra spark! Having good bones like china or pottery is certainly a plus (put those wedding gifts to good use!), but here are some really simple things you can do to dress up your table. I’ve played around with three different looks on my own kitchen table!

Look 1: Fancy

I love using the contrast of black and white with a touch of gold and silver! Skip the mess and get these sparkly pumpkins at Hobby Lobby. The white roses here balance out the bling and add elegance to the table. I lined the inside of the glass vases with black construction paper (no water).

img_7221 img_7223

Use a gold charger against your china (the ones pictured here are Annieglass from The Plaid Giraffe). The mats are black poster board that I folded in half and cut down. Have fun with a gold marker and write names or notes on your mat. With the paper scraps, make a napkin ring that looks like a pilgrim belt!


Look 2: Playful

Add bright colors and patterns to your Thanksgiving table! Here, I’ve used a piece of chevron fabric for the table runner and my color inspiration. PS: You can’t go wrong with this MacKensie-Childs butterfly pitcher. It’s the perfect addition to every occasion!

img_7231 img_7234

I picked up these flowers from the grocery store and threw in some “fall berries” that I got from Hobby Lobby, adding some nice dimension. Also from Hobby Lobby are the slightly sparkly gourds and acorns nestled in among the velvet pumpkins from Frou Frou. Grab one of the 20 mason jars you have hanging around the house to hold some sweet treats along with your dessert utensils.

img_7237 img_7239

Make good use of your children’s construction paper (and decorative scissors) by making little sheets for your guests to write down what it is they’re thankful for.

img_7236 img_7235

Look 3: Simple

This look is easy and inexpensive! I picked up this greenery at the grocery story for a few dollars as well as a few apples. Who would have thought that fresh produce could look so elegant?!

img_7242 img_7243

These candles from Hobby Lobby are so great. They look, feel and SMELL like real candles… but they’re fake and totally childproof. The light even flickers AND there’s a timer…say no more.

img_7247 img_7253

Thanks to Love of Character for this awesome napkin ring idea. Use a little wire and some Rosemary to create an o’natural napkin ring. Plus, the scent makes your table smell really good, too!

img_7240 img_7245

However you decorate your table this Thanksgiving, what’s most important are the people around it.

Happy holidays to you and yours!




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