3 Reasons A Pre-Made Turkey Will Make Holidays Easy As Pie!

Thank you to Burger's Smokehouse for sponsoring this post and providing delicious, pre-cooked meals to make life easier for busy moms!

The holiday season is here! A time for festive fun with family and friends – and that fun always includes food! Before kids, I loved hosting dinner parties. I wouldn’t bat an eye at making Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner for a crowd. I would spend hours going through recipes to plan the perfect made-from-scratch meal to enjoy with loved ones. Burgers Smokehouse Pre-Made Turkey But three years into motherhood with two kids underfoot, I’ve finally realized that this working mama no longer has time for that. I still want to host and enjoy holiday dinners, but without the stress of making sure the main course isn’t dry and overcooked. Plus, I’m all about having less mess and not spending hours cooking…and then cleaning. It was right around the time I decided I wasn’t going make my own Thanksgiving turkey this year that I learned about Burgers’ Smokehouse.

burgers-smokehouse-2Burgers’ Smokehouse is a family owned company based in Missouri that cures, smokes and roasts turkeys, hams and other meats. They do all of the hard work and deliver it right to your door! I received a 12 pound smoked turkey, still cold thanks to the ice packs it was shipped with. The directions were simple enough: remove from packaging, wrap tightly in foil, and bake for an hour and a half.  Seriously, that was it! It came out of my oven perfectly golden and smelling divine. Dinner was on the table!

Our house smelled amazing and the turkey was moist and delicious. My family loved it! The 12 pound turkey fed 10 adults and 4 kids, plus there were plenty of leftovers for sandwiches. I also used a soup recipe that was included in the Burger Smokehouse box. A simple, no stress, delicious holiday meal that fed my family for days.

And I barely lifted a finger! Before my experience with Burger Smokehouse, a part of me still felt a little guilty that I wasn’t going to roast my own turkey this year – but now I may never go back.

It tasted even better than my homemade turkeys, and there was no stress or mess.

As you’re planning your holiday meals or brainstorming gift ideas for busy families, here are three reasons to consider a pre-made holiday ham or turkey from Burger Smokehouse!

burgers-smokehouse-31. It’s so easy! There’s no planning or shopping for rubs, brining bags, injectors or any other gadgets needed to help give your turkey some flavor. You don’t even have to worry whether it will taste good! Plus they remove all of the insides, so you don’t accidentally cook that little bag (I hope I’m not the only one!).  

2. More time enjoying family and friends. Everyone will still gather in the kitchen, but now as the hostess you can relax, enjoy an appetizer and have an actual conversation with your guests.

3. Less mess and less stress.  When your only job is to heat up the pre-cooked turkey or ham, there’s not nearly as much to to clean up after dinner. That means you won’t be looking at the clock wondering when your guests will leave so you’re not up all night cleaning the kitchen!

A big thank you to Burgers’ Smokehouse for providing a delicious meal for my family, and here’s to keeping the holidays less stressful and more cheerful this year!

burgersBurgers’ Smokehouse, family owned with the fourth generation coming aboard! With over 65 years in business, we are more than just turkeys and hams. We apply these same principles of integrity and quality to everything we do, from our Dry Cure Bacon, to our Slow Smoked Pork Ribs, our Steamed Sous Vide product line or our Specialty BBQ items.

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