If Your Christmas Tree Could Talk

“Seriously, Christmas is THIS week, you’re just putting me up NOW? Eh, whatever, at least I’ll get to hang around until February.”

This would be my Christmas tree if it could talk. Every year, I feel like I’m squeezing Christmas festivities and “joy” in as best I can amongst the hustle and bustle that is everyday life. And I know I’m not alone here.

If you think about it, your family  tree has a front row seat to your holiday chaos. It hears all, sees all…and it definitely has an opinion. Mine, for example…

“Jeez lady, I just lost 500 needles from being shoved through that door. No, you actually DID need help bringing me inside.”

I know. My bad!

“So, I’m totally a little crooked here. Does anyone else see this? No, you actually DID need help setting me in the tree base. PS: quit complaining about your sappy hands.”

You are a rude tree.

“Quick, need some attention here STAT, we’ve got an ornament only a mother could love hanging out front and center!”

Hey, she made that at school!

Trees are always so gosh darn prickly when they first arrive. (I think it’s the dehydration talking). But then, they start ‘pining’ away for you…

“I’m bored! Where is everybody? Where’s the Christmas cheer?”

Work. School. Sleep. Repeat.

“Why do you keep going to all the other trees’ parties?! It’s not fair!”

That’s just how it is during the holidays, sorry.

“Tonight, will you please let Elf on the Shelf hang with me? I get so lonely…”

We’ve used up our Instagram-worthy ideas, that sounds great.

By the time Christmas rolls around, trees just get plain sappy.

“Oh you’re making Christmas cookies, that’s just so beautiful! Wait.. why are you doing it by yourself?”

I am? Where’d she go?….

“I just love seeing you getting the stockings hung and all these presents gathered around me. I CANNOT wait for Christmas to finally get here!”

Well, it’s tomorrow, so you’re in luck!

“Everyone is so happy this morning. I love Christmas.”

You know what, me too.

Christmas Tree

If my tree could actually talk, I think I would get pretty annoyed, but I also would learn a few things. You can’t keep things like work, school or social commitments out of the holidays. But you can say no to just a *few* things and you can stop making yourself feel guilty. If you put up your tree a few days before Christmas, who cares? If you wrap your presents the night before, great! Planning and preparation isn’t what makes Christmas Christmas. It’s the magic of the day itself and the people in it. Your tree knows that and so should you.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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