Easy DIY Christmas Handprint Wreath

Looking for a crafty project to do with your youngsters this holiday season that doesn’t require construction paper and glue sticks? If you’re anything like me, you’ll love this simple project that includes your kids artwork AND it matches your decor!

Handprint Wreath

Supplies Needed

  • Wooden Board
  • 3 (or more) shades of green paint
  • Foam brushes
  • Seasonal Foliage
  • Bow (or ribbon to create your own)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Clear Sealant (any brand will do)

NOTE :: I bought all of the supplies above at Hobby Lobby, but any craft store will have them. 


  1. Determine the best way to have your kiddos place hand prints, and have them prepped and ready.
    *We had multiple toddlers set up around a table the day I took these pictures, and it went fairly quickly before they lost interest. 
  2. Place the handprints around in a circle.
    *I prefer the fingers to face the outside of the wreath, so I placed the kids’ hands accordingly to get this effect. 
  3. Swap out 3 or more colors to give your wreath more dimension. 
    *I allow a layer of handprints to dry before overlapping so that the colors do not mix. 
  4. Allow paint to dry completely.
  5. Determine where to place your bow and foliage, and hot glue it into place. 
    *For this specific project date, I placed the foliage behind the bow, in the bottom center of the wreath. For my in-laws, I pulled the little balls off and placed them all around the wreath to look like berries, and glued a smaller bow on the top right hand side of the wreath. You can be creative with this to personalize it to your liking! 
  6. Sign and date the back, and wallah! It’s as simple as that!

Variations to this Project: 

  1. MAKE IT SEASONAL :: Create different handprint creations on the same type of board to swap out for other seasons. We have a giant heart for Valentine’s, butterflies for spring, and a yellow/orange tree for fall. It’s so easy to just swap this board out in our entry way throughout the entire year. Guests compliment the kids’ handprints all of the time (that’s not on construction paper), AND it matches the rustic decor in our home! 
  2. SWAP UP THE BOARD STYLE :: Do the same type project on a different board (canvas, metal, in a picture frame) to match the style of your home! 
  3. GIFT IT :: We have done the same projects on much smaller wooden (or canvas) boards as gifts for teachers. If handprints don’t fit, thumbprints are always an easy alternative. 

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