Easter Activities for Last Minute Moms

I can’t be the only one who always has grand plans of holiday themed activities and crafts for my kids and then, whoops, the holiday has passed and it never happened. I don’t know if it’s the former preschool teacher in me or what, but from the time my first daughter was born I felt the need to do some sort of art project every single holiday to put in her memory box and give to the grandparents. It lasted through her first year, but not without lots of procrastination and scrambling at the last minute on my part.

To avoid the pressure of the last minute crafting, I put together a list of Easter themed activities that don’t require much preparation, money, or materials for the moms like me out there.

Decorating Eggs – Of course decorating eggs had to make the list, but there are plenty of twists you could put on it. The dollar spot usually has chalkboard or Kraft paper eggs to color on that can double as home decor afterward. Dye eggs by rolling them in shaving cream or cool whip and food coloring swirled on a cookie sheet, let sit for 10 minutes, and wipe off. Find some old 100% silk neckties or scarves, wrap eggs in the silk – design side against the egg – with a rubber band holding it tight, cover with white fabric or the wool lining from the tie, and boil in a pot of water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar for 10 minutes, let cool, and then remove fabric!

Energy Burning Easter Egg Hunt – Instead of filling eggs with candy, write out activities (“hop like a bunny 10 times,” “do 5 somersaults,” “run around the tree 3 times,” etc) on slips of paper. Healthier and maybe you’ll get a good nap out of them as a result later!

Easter Egg Towers – Work on fine motor skills by stacking plastic egg halves. See who can build the tallest tower, or for older kids, have them make a pattern with the different colors and continue it up the tower!

Pin the Tail on the Bunny – Print off a picture of a bunny (there are tons of free printables online!) and use paper cutouts or cotton balls for the tail. 

Easter Egg Snack Trays – For a fun and festive snack or meal, put the food in Easter eggs. Carrots, crackers, sliced fruit, and cheese cubes are all easy ideas! 

All of these are fun little ideas that are sure to brighten your kids’ day without requiring a huge amount of effort on your part or causing unnecessary stress – My kind of activities! Happy Easter! 

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