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Health Food Stores in West Wichita

When I first moved to West Wichita 9 years ago, my shopping trips included bi-weekly treks to the east side for a visit to Food 4 Thought or Green Acres. Thankfully, that has changed! While the east side still has more options than the west as far as health food stores go, I am happy to share this list with anyone who may be new in town, driving in from Wichita’s west side suburbs or just wondering WHERE a girl can get a good kombucha and homeopathic teething tablets west of Woodlawn! Here are the Top 5 health food stores in West Wichita:

Natural Grocers
{10520 W. 13th Street at the intersection of 13th & Maize}

Admittedly my favorite. They carry all the brands I love, including harder-to-find gluten, egg & dairy free breads, yogurts, and desserts, and their prices are cheaper than the Big Name stores. Natural Grocers doesn’t just offer groceries – they also carry toiletries, household cleaners, and bath & beauty products, as well as vitamins, supplements, homeopathics, and essential oils. They have a wide variety of snacks and drinks, and a kitchen/dining room where they regularly hold health & cooking classes taught by local industry experts!
Open Monday-Saturday 8:00am-9:04pm, Sundays 8:00am-7:06pm

Natural of Course
{8000 W. Central}

This hidden gem is across the street from Bishop Carroll – and despite its size, the shop is over 20 years old! They carry all the top brands you know and love, and the store is managed by Dr. Margo Martin, who holds a PhD in Holistic Nutrition. One of the perks of shopping here are the in-store discounts: seniors 65+ and all military personnel always receive a 10% discount – and all purchases of $50 or more receive a 10% discount while purchases of $100 or more receive a 20% discount!
Open 9:00am-6:00pm Monday-Saturday, Closed Sundays

Green Acres 
{105555 W. 21st St. near New Market Square and 2315 W. 21st Street in Clear Lakes}

This locally-owned chain has been around for years and now two west-side locations! The stores are smaller in size, but they always have exactly what I’m looking for when I stop in. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they also offer classes at different locations (they have four stores in Wichita).
Open daily 8:00am-9:00pm

{3108 W. Central}

Not technically a health food store, but I have to include it on my list! Barney’s Discount Drugs has a really great selection of natural & organic foods, supplements & vitamins. They’ve been in Wichita for decades and have fantastic prices and a super friendly staff. If you’re in the Riverside area and need some organic pasta sauce, Vitamin C, and a coconut milk ice cream bar, this is the place to go!
Open Monday-Friday 9:00am-7:00pm, 9:00-6:00pm Saturday, Closed Sundays

Dillon’s Stores

With 8 locations on the west side (and many more throughout the Wichita-Metro area), this grocery chain has truly stepped up their efforts in the natural & healthy living department. Snacks, drinks, baking mixes, dairy alternatives, vitamins & supplements – each store has a “natural” section (some are larger than others). While I can’t do all my shopping here (due to our need for gluten, egg & dairy free foods and heavy reliance on brands vitamins, herbs and supplements that they don’t carry) Dillon’s has saved me more than once when I’m in a pinch!
Open 7 days a week – 6:00am-Midnight


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