Easy-Peasy DIY False Eyelashes

Full disclosure: I have exactly one beauty trick. This is it, but it’s a good one. False strip lashes are the cheapest, quickest, most impactful way to punch up a glam look for a special occasion or photos. 

You can find lashes in every price point, but my favorite brand is Ardell. They’re inexpensive and consistent quality. Plus, fancy pants make-up artists swear by them. Good enough for me!

I’m a Natural 120 girl; 110s if I want to be subtle or 202 for a costume party. You’ll find them in the drug store or grocery store is the cosmetics aisle, usually next to the nail polish. Individual lashes are great if a professional is applying them, but the strip lashes are perfect for a DIY make up look.

How to apply false eyelashes:

Line your upper lashes with a liquid liner. You’ll want a thicker liner line than normal- it will give you a little more wiggle room when placing your lash strip. Let it dry fully.    

Apply a generous coat of lash glue to the strip. And, the most important step, let it get tacky! Blow on it gently. Give it a little shake. Count to twenty. 

Place the lash strip as close to your lash line as you can. You’ll want to keep your eye closed for a few seconds. Don’t worry, the glue will dry clear. If one side of the strip didn’t totally adhere, but you feel good about the placement you can salvage it. Add glue to the end of a Bobby pin and hold it onto the loose end until you’re stuck in place. 

Repeat on your other eye. 

Blend and finish your makeup while your glue dries. Then, go out and bat those beautiful lashes!

And, because I’m cheap, I can always get at least a second wear out of a pair. Peel the glue off gently, and store until your next special occasion. 

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