Flower Buying 101

I hate surprises, but there is one surprise that I will always appreciate: being surprised with flowers.  Receiving flowers always make me feel special and can brighten event the crummiest of days. Thankfully my husband’s flower buying game is strong, but for those who are new to the flower buying game here are a few tips I have learned over the years. 

Know Your Audience

Providing your florist with a little bit of information about the receiver will help make the arrangement feel specially curated for your loved one. If she loves carnations and the color orange share that with your florist, and they can make sure to incorporate those special elements into their design. Not only does this ensure she loves the arrangement, it also allows you to play a part in the design. 

Order Early

Like all gifts, your flower order should not be an afterthought. For those occasions that you want something extra special made for your loved one, I would recommend ordering with a florist in advance. If you’re looking to place an order for Valentine’s Day, do not wait until the day of; most florists would recommend ordering a few weeks early. Wanting to pick something nice up on your way home from work, or have a delivery made just to show your loved one you were thinking of them? Your florist will have something on hand that will fit the bill. But if you are wanting something exotic or rare, like any artist, they will need some time for that. 

Set A Budget

My husband will tell you that flowers are not cheap, but that does not mean that you have to spend a small fortune on a beautiful arrangement. When you contact your florist, know what you want to spend most shops can put something special together for a wide range of budgets. Be honest and upfront about what you want to spend, and let them work their magic. When you call say, “Please design something special for (insert price here)” but keep in mind that will not include delivery fee. Always ask what the delivery fee is, and either add that to how much you are willing to spend or subtract it from your original budget. 

Make Your Delivery Special

I personally love receiving flowers at work. It adds a bit of excitement to what may other wise be another long work day, and allows me to show off how thoughtful my husband can be (I honestly think this is why my husband even buys me flowers). But if your loved one is not big on attention, having flowers waiting for her when she gets home from work, the gym or running an errand can be equally as special. Or for those who are looking to take it up a notch, try having your arrangement waiting for your loved one at your table when going out for dinner! Really, the thought is what counts so even the simple behind the back reveal will make anyone feel special.  

Have A Florist

This is, in my opinion, by far the most important tip. Wichita has so many wonderful florists, and each has their own special style. Take some time either by visiting their shops or by checking out their work online to find a florist whose style matches your own. Once you have found a florist that you know produces fantastic work, this will make all future flower buying experiences less overwhelming. My husband loves that he can call our preferred florist and just request that they put together a beautiful arrangement, knowing that it will be something that I will love.  

Flowers are for so much more than just Valentine’s Day, they are a great way to congratulate a friend on a big achievement, to celebrate a new milestone in a relationship, to honor someone special in your life, or just show someone you are thinking of them. I have been known to buy flowers for the house just to brighten things up when they are feeling a little humdrum. So the next time you are wanting to make someone feel special, remember these tips and send some flowers!  

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