7 Things Moms Can Say to Lift Each Other Up

Motherhood comes with great responsibility, but also immense power. This includes the power to build up other and challenge them to achieve their highest potential. We can also harness this power to lift other moms when they are down or help them get higher. 

Here are just seven genuinely kind things you can say to a fellow mom to show your support and admiration: 

  1. “Your kids are awesome.” Who doesn’t love to hear someone else enjoys their kids? It is a wonderful compliment to receive knowing how much time, energy, and thought parents put into raising good human beings.
  2. “I am so proud of you.” If you witness a mom crush a goal or handle a tough situation like a boss, let her know. Celebrate and shout it out loud. Moms make the best cheerleader for their kids and each other. It must be said – the mom should be proud of herself, too!
  3. “Grant yourself some grace.” It’s important to hear once in a while that we all need to be patient and kind to ourselves. We expect this from our children, but are often the hardest on ourselves as mom. We all make mistakes and learn too many things the hard way. Extend grace to yourself as you do to others.
  4. “That’s OK.” It’s simple and may be weird, but sometimes you just need to hear your choices are perfectly acceptable. It is OK if you choose not to do something. It is OK if you choose to do things differently than others. It is OK to be you. And most importantly, it is OK to trust and believe in yourself. 
  5. “Don’t stop.” A little extra encouragement from a fellow mom can go such a long way. When a friend or an admirer recognize you can do or be better, it can serve as a great catalyst to keep going.
  6. “You can do this.” It can feel like, as a mother, we are permanently stationed in the trenches. The worry, anxiety, and pressure is daunting and unrelenting. When I was child, Weebles were a popular toy. You could punch, kick, tackle the thing and it would spring back up. The slogan “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down”, I think applies universally to motherhood. Mama, you can wobble, but don’t fall down. You got this.
  7. “You are a great mom.” Because you are. And, because sometimes a mom needs an authentic reminder of how wonderful others think she is. 

From one mom to another, let’s share the light and spread the joy. Let us be open and a force to reckon with.

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  1. Tiniki September 10, 2018 at 5:25 pm #

    This is an absolute great idea so I will start.. Tomi you are an amazing mom and Jamie and Ella are so blessed to have your love and support. Continue being a voice for us all…Love Bussey

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