Where Does Your Food Come From? (Plus Coupon Code for Beef from Salt Creek Meats)

Thank you to Salt Creek Meats for sponsoring this post and providing delicious food for Wichita families!

Buying food for your family is one of the most personal decisions you can make.  This is the food that helps them grow, strengthens your family during meal times, and brings smiles to their faces at the end of day.  Knowing exactly where your food comes from can help lessen the stress of figuring out what to buy.  Buying locally grown food is not only ideal for your family, but supports local businesses and sustainability.  

What are the benefits to buying local?

  • Personal Connection – The opportunity to meet the very farmers who grow your food and learn more about where and how it is grown.
  • Improves Local Economy – Buying from any local business keeps money right here in our area, where it is then reinvested in other local businesses.
  • Freshness – Reducing the steps between you and the producer gets you the freshest food possible and reduces the risk of contamination or spoiling.
  • Environment – Reduces transportation emissions and supports sustainability.

Every region is known for some outstanding locally-grown product. For the Flint Hills region, that product is beef. We live in an area renowned for beef production, but do you know where your steak came from? By getting to know your rancher, you’ll know how your beef was raised, where it was raised, and who produced it. 

As a Mom of two little girls, I understand the importance providing the best food for my family and teaching them where it comes from. In 2017, my husband and I started Salt Creek Meats to sell locally grown and sustainably raised beef to families in the Wichita area. Our third generation family farm is located near Severy, about an hour’s drive from Wichita. We didn’t start this business just to sell beef, we started this to help families understand how and where their food is grown and develop a relationship with our customers.

What’s special about our cattle? Our Angus cattle are born and raised right here in the Flint Hills.  Our beef is hormone and antibiotic free with complete traceability.  Our “Pasture to Plate” philosophy emphasizes cutting out all the middle men and providing fresh, locally grown beef directly to our customers.  

Part of our personal touch is delivering the beef directly to your doorstep. After the beef is processed at a local El Dorado meat locker, we bring it to you so you can put a face with the business. You can always contact us with questions and are welcome to visit the ranch to see how we raise our cattle. 

Join the local food movement and buy your Salt Creek Meats beef today! We offer four bundle sizes:  25lbs, 50lbs, 100lbs, 200lbs.  Each bundle includes roughly 50% ground beef, 30% roasts, and 20% steaks.  All of our steaks are cut a juicy one inch thick. Our ground beef has a mix of 90% beef to 10 % fat for great lean flavor. All of our beef is aged 14 days, for optimal flavor and texture. Rest assured there’s no pricing surprises – all prices include tax and delivery. Use the code “WMB” at checkout to get 10% off your first order.

For more information about how you can buy Salt Creek Meats, visit www.SaltCreekMeats.com or call/text us at 316-323-7762.

Jay and Sara moved to Kansas in 2014 with the goal of continuing the family ranch into the next generation. Jay and Sara live and work on the ranch with their two daughters, Stella (3) and Margot (6 months), east of Wichita.

In addition to cattle, they just planted a fruit orchard, maintain a small flock of laying hens, and will start their first beehives on the ranch this summer.

They hope to expand the Salt Creek Meats products into these areas in the coming years.

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