National S’mores Day Treats

I. Love. S’mores.  There is something about gooey marshmallows and melted chocolate, held together by crisp graham crackers that speaks my love language. I love S’mores so much our entire deck project was designed around the fire pit. I was thrilled to discover August 10th is National S’mores Day. But as I live in Kansas, I’m not guaranteed fire pit weather in the summer. Proper S’mores are more of a fall food around here. But regardless of what seasonal menus at the coffee shops suggest, to me those S’mores flavors are meant to be enjoyed all year long. I have found a variety of ways to enjoy S’mores regardless of the weather.  

Here are my top five favorite ways to make S’mores all year long.  

  1. S’mores on the Go.   One day I was trying to get the kids in the car and on time.  I ran to the pantry for raisins, our traditional car snack only to discover we had none.  Instead, I grabbed a handful each of chocolate chips, graham cracker sticks, and mini marshmallows and tossed them together in a ziploc sandwich bag.  The kids were not convinced until they tried them. But S’mores On the Go quickly became our new snack of choice. I often added raisins or craisins to the mix as well. 
  2. New shake at Cocoa Dulce. Go right now and get one. And maybe bring a friend or two because they are huge! But considering how hot it’s been this summer, this is a wonderful way to have your S’mores and not spontaneously combust.
  3. Microwave S’mores.  Ever put a marshmallow in the microwave?  This was another S’mores trick we learned under pressure.  My son’s entire soccer team was over for dinner and a summer storm dashed our hopes of lighting a fire outside.  With no back-up dessert plans, we gathered around the microwave to watch each marshmallow expand and contract. Microwave one marshmallow for 7-10 seconds, then sandwich between room temperature chocolate and two graham crackers. You don’t want it too melted since you’re likely eating these inside. Not only does this work for days when it’s rainy or too hot, it’s also a great trick for the middle of winter when it’s too cold to stand outside but you’re dreaming of camping and fire pit weather.  Also, for years my kids convinced me this was science.   
  4. Traditional S’mores.This is still my favorite and sometimes even when it’s 90+ degrees outside and everyone else is eating watermelon, I light the fire pit anyway.  I like to use large marshmallows, (not the jumbo), and get them toasted but not blackened before smashing between two graham crackers. We almost always use two squares of a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar, which is about the only time milk chocolate is consumed at our house. 
  5. Traditional with a twist.Graham crackers with honey or cinnamon and sugar, dark chocolate, Reese’s peanut butter cups, use whatever you have on hand to add to your gooey toasted marshmallow and see what new combinations could become your family’s signature s’more.

Fingers crossed for comfortable weather tonight.  

But regardless, you’ll find us outside around the fire, seeing who can toast the perfect marshmallow.  

Happy National S’mores Day everyone!

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  1. Ann Wilensky August 8, 2018 at 7:21 am #

    WOW!! Love all your alternative suggestions as I am a fan of all things S’mores, as well!! 💖

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