Target Looks I Love For Spring

When people ask, “Love your outfit, where’d you get it?” More than 50% of the time, I respond, “It’s from Target.” 

When I shop, I’m looking for something memorable or versatile. My style is classic and feminine, but I also like I like to throw in some quirky stuff, too. Target never fails me!  

Here are some Target looks I love for spring that you can buy NOW! Mix and match a few of these for an entirely different look or outfit.

Mossimo Floral Dress – $27.99  

This dress makes me think Spring! It’s breezy and comfortable, but the cut and detailing take it a step beyond your basic floral dress. I love pastels, but I like to wear them with interesting elements to avoid looking kind of blah.  This is a flattering dress for all figures.

Dress sold online; $18.99 clutch sold in stores.

The shoes are Tom’s, here‘s a similar pair. I’ve had these puppies for two years and love em.

Who What Where Floral Top – $24.99 :: Pants – $34.99 

Talk about versatile, this Who What Where by Target top is so that! I’m in awe of this whole line, actually, really bold, fun stuff. I feel like yellow is one of those forbidden colors for women, but when it’s the right yellow, it works. This yellow, gray and black pattern will jive with just about any complexion. It’s a polyester blend, so no wrinkles! Leave it unbuttoned and untucked for a more casual look—or, do the opposite for a sleeker look.

Here, I’ve paired it with black denim, also by Who What Where, with a frayed edge. I like to pair something “edgier” with something classic, like these knock-off Valentino Rockstud pumps by Sole Society.

The multicolored Mossimo crossbody handbag, which is also quite versatile, is just $34.99 at Target. Available here online.

Who What Where Light Pink Top- $24.99 :: “Paris Green” Pants – $24.99

Oh hey, again, pastel. I love you, it’s true. How about pastel with an unsuspecting partner, like olive green? I’m a fan. This top is flowy and so feminine, you can’t help but feel pretty. The shape of it is a nice contrast to these slim fit pants, which btw, are so comfortable—they have an *elastic band*. They’re also a polyester, spandex blends, which means fewer wrinkles and of course, lots of stretch! Note that these Who What Where pants do run about two sizes small. Don’t you hate when retailers do that? Argh! Top sold

Top sold online; pants sold in stores.

Here I’ve layered two necklaces both from Target. The choker is part of a set I bought a while back. (So wanted to jump on the choker fade, but the big, fat black ones that all the college girls wear just weren’t me). These are really dainty! You can buy a similar set here online. 

Mossimo Polka Dot Cami – $17.99 :: White Eyelet Blouse – $29.99

So I know “winter white” is a thing, but it’s nothing like our beloved post-Easter white. This polka dot tank is fun and easy, plus it has some lace detailing at the bottom (though you can’t see it here). Bringing back the black frayed jeans for a classic black in white pairing! This cami also makes for the perfect base under this eyelet “pioneer shirt.” Hmm, didn’t know pioneer women were so trendy! The tasteful ruffles on this top make it a simple, yet standout piece.

Cami sold here online; eyelet blouse sold here.

Bow Tie – $3

Remember, I said I like some quirky stuff… I was digging around in the “dollar section,” because there are always good finds there… and low and behold, I found this little pinstripe guy! Who says bow ties are just for cute little boys with rosy cheeks? Clip one into a button down or top!

Pssst…now that my sunglasses are all up in your grill, guess what? They’re ALSO from Target! I like ’em big. You can buy some similar tortoise shell cateyes here. 

Merona Shorts – $19.99

These versatile tops go just as well with shorts! I tossed these shorts into my basket not thinking much of them, but when I tried them on, they fit so well! The length gives you good love-handle and butt-cheek coverage, but they still feel like shorts. Perfect amount of fabric! They also lay nicely and are pretty soft. My grainy iPhone photos don’t do them justice, but they’re an indigo chambray. 

Available here online.

Wedges are Lilly Pulitzer; available here online.

Who What Where Floral Pencil Skirt – $27.99

My favorite top has a matching skirt! Though I wouldn’t wear them together, I love when you can get some mileage out of a good pattern. I’m a big fan of pencil skirts in general because they hit you at your waistline lengthening your legs and gently hugging your curves, which is flattering. An extra special touch on this skirt is the pleats on the back. With such a strong pattern like this, it’s best to keep it really basic with your top. This gold choker that I got at Nordstroms some interest, though! Yellow Merona tote is $29.99 and available in stores.

Pencil skirt available here online.


Who What Where “Black Diamond” Shirt Dress – $34.99

You had me at hello. I’m a sucker for a shirt dress. Especially one this cute! Great print, comfortable and lined! That’s rare. The black sleeves and collar on this give it that extra touch. When I buy dresses, I ask myself, “Can I wear this out with friends? Could I wear this to work? Could I wear it to church?” Yes to all of the above!

Available in stores; plus size available here online.


Who What Wear “Broadcloth” Skirt – $27.99

The moment I laid eyes on this skirt, I knew we were meant for each other. It kind of makes you feel like you should be frolicking through a field of red tulips or something. The key here is to wear a form fitting top. I tried this on with the eyelet “pioneer” shirt (against my better judgment) and I straight up looked like Mary Poppins. Now, pair it with a crop top, different story. This one’s from Zara and I’ve had it for a hot minute…but, you can find something similar in Target stores.

Skirt available here online. 

Adorable Photographer – Priceless

This little lady patiently took all these pics, along with many (many) outtakes. She’s wearing head to toe Target, too!

That’s my girl… 😉 




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