Wichita’s Fall Fashion Forecast 2017

I love fashion. A lot. Although it took me years to openly admit it, I had to learn that it is possible to be a smart mom who loves the environment and humanity, and STILL love fashion. Looking for trends, seeing what’s new, and being inspired to try something different keep my Instagram looking like my own curated edition of a fashion magazine. I visited with several boutique owners in the Wichita area to get their take on what’s coming at you for fall and how moms can “make it work.”  Here are six fall fashion trends hitting the Wichita area!


Fall is traditionally a time to transition away from brighter summer hues into something more subtle.  This year, fall colors include olive, mustard, wine, and rust, but in vibrant, rich shades. Traditional basics such as white, black, and shades of navy, are always in style, as are traditional washes for denim.



If you’re like me, always hunting for your next perfect pair of jeans, this is our season because there are so many options.  Jeans will be straight leg, skinny, and some with baby flares.  Brooke Hebert, owner of Pink Saloon, says to look for flounce-trimmed denim to add a new silhouette. Denim will be cropped at varying lengths and come in all different rises. Camille Ogden of Lyndon’s in Bradley Fair says fall denim will still be distressed but cleaner.  

Robin Forphal of Robin’s in El Dorado says joggers are the new pant option for fall. Clean cut with details like tuxedo stripes and velvet fabrics, joggers are a casual but polished alternative to denim or yoga pants.

Transitional Jackets

A jacket can bridge summer tops and dresses as the temperatures drop.  It can also add structure and polish.  Denim jackets continue to be popular but newer ones include pearl trims, patches, or raw edged hems.  If you’re like me and you found a jean jacket last year, moto jackets in all fabrics are an excellent choice.  My daughter found one in velvet.  Leather, in any color, is another timeless option.  If you’re looking to really make a statement, Ogden suggests a velvet jacket in burgundy, black, navy, or cognac.  



Thanks to the cropped and ankle baring hem trends, there is a real focus on shoes.  Booties will be a little bit taller this year, covering more skin so we can wear cropped pants for longer. If you’re a mom who needs hustle shoes, sneakers go with everything. I am especially enjoying the flat-soled Adidas making a comeback.  For those of you looking for a dressier option: block heels! Regardless of shoe style, look for colorful fabrics, velvet, embroidery, brocade, and metallic leathers.  


Another mom friendly trend: bigger bags. Forpahl  says backpacks and bowling bags will be popular for fall.  This time, these bags will be right-sized for everyday use, not too big and not too small.  Other accessory trends include big, bold, and sometimes colorful jewelry pieces, a trend Hebert calls fresh.  Most pieces are lightweight so you can make a big statement without weight.  Kami Murphy, owner of Apricot Lane in Bradley Fair, even points out if you’ve just had a baby and aren’t quite ready to buy new clothes, adding a beautiful necklace to a t-shirt and jeans can make you look polished and ready to go.  

It’s all about the details!

Much like summer, fall fashions for the Wichita area will continue to focus on ankles, shoulders, and sleeve details. Cold-shoulder, off-the shoulder, and one-shoulder tops and dresses in fall appropriate fabrics will be popular. All the boutiques surveyed pointed out dramatic bell sleeves, ruffle details, ties, and trims juxtaposed with traditional fall fabrics and even some 70s inspired patterns, make this fall look classic yet feminine. To paraphrase Hebert:  this is a great time to be in (and into) fashion.


Cheers and happy shopping!

Thank you to Pink Saloon, Lyndon’s, Apricot Lane, and Robin’s El Dorado for letting me follow you around and pepper you with questions and photo requests, and for helping me fill my closet full of beautiful fall clothes!

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