Halloween Costume Ideas :: The Snapchat Filter Family

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time on Snapchat. And your kids to do, because those filters are so gosh darn entertaining! To those of you who’ve received 20 snaps at a time from my daughter—posing as an alien or dalmatian saying who knows what—thank you for your tolerance.


With new Snapchat filters popping up like weeds in the front yard, there are enough Halloween costumes to go around for the whole family! This list is by no means comprehensive, but a group of our personal faves with links on where to buy or suggestions on how to do something similar. Happy snapping!

The Snapchat Logo :: Someone has to tie this all together! Paint the yellow and black ghost outline on plain white posterboard, apply ribbons up top, and simply hang around your neck.


The Puppy Dog :: Adult Costume :: Baby Costume

Kids in puppy costumes are pretty stinking cute. So are husbands. This is also one of Snapchat’s most popular filters. I mean, it’s one of the only ones they haven’t cycled out—but as my daughter has said, “This one’s kind of old now.” #kidsthesedays


The White Cat :: Child Costume

Black cats have typically had the corner on Halloween, so isn’t it time for white cats to get their paws in there? I’m in love with this adorable kids costume. The footie paws are just too much. Draw some little black whiskers on your kiddo’s face with your eyeliner as the final touch.


Mother Nature :: Don’t you wish you looked like this all the time? Bring it to life! Go to Hobby Lobby and find similar looking synthetic flowers. In the bridal section, you can actually buy a wire head wreath to which you can assemble your flowers.


The Polar Bear (I think) :: Baby Costume :: Child Costume

Halloween can be cold. Have your little ones bundled up in all kinds of cuteness.


The Gold Goddess :: Adult Costume

Okay, mamas, time to be the golden goddesses that you already ARE. Halloween is your time to shine, too! How can you NOT feel like a million bucks donning a costume like this.


The Angel :: Adult Costume :: Child Costume

The sugar overload and adrenaline frenzy of Halloween can sometimes turn our kiddos into little devils (especially at the end of the night)—but they’re still our sweet little angels afterall. Have em dress the part!


The Goofy Squirrel :: Adult Costume

Okay, this one is just fun. The tail on this costume is INFLATABLE. Go get your squirrely side on. Haven’t found any acorn shaped glasses yet, but you could always add a little frill onto some basic black rimmed frames!


The Strawberry :: Adult Costume :: Child Costume

Painting your face red, or your child’s, sounds all kinds of messy (attempt at your own risk). Instead, try a super sweet strawberry costume on for size. You’ll be hard to miss and your baby will steal the show!


The French Maid :: Adult Costume (Don’t worry, not too adult!) Oh la, la! Be a little sassy this Halloween. Your husband will probably be a fan, too! 😉


The Hippie :: Adult Costume :: Child Costume

Peace, love and some cool duds. This throw back is an easy one for adults and something unexpected for kids. “Wait, what are the 70s, mom?”


The Bumble Bee :: Baby Costume :: Child Costume

I wish this costume came with the Snapchat’s bee-like voice alteration, but these buzz-worthy kids costumes will do the job, honey!


The Blue Ailen :: Child Costume

Greetings earthlings. If your kiddo wants to be something a bit “scarier” for Halloween (because short little aliens are scary to ME), this costume will be out of this world.


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